Inner Seraji New Testament Translation Project

Profile of the Inner Seraji-speaking People


  • These people are located in North India, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, in and around the city of Kullu.

  • Himachal Pradesh is said to be the least evangelized state in India.

  • This is a project in a part of India in which Bibles International has never before worked.

Language Family

  • A part of the Indo-Iranian family of languages, it is a dialect of Kullu Pahari.


  • 109,000 (Ethnologue)


  • Most of the people are animists

  • Church planting is just beginning

Existing Bible Translations

  • None

Project Progress

  • There is a rough draft of most of the New Testament. Seventeen of the books have been checked; several of the larger books remain to be checked.

  • The plan is to print 4,000 copies.

inner seraji


The Kullui people (of whom the Inner Searji-speaking are one group) are animistic. They worship local deities known as “devtas.” Each village and clan has its own devta. Throughout the valley in which these people dwell, there are more than 300 devtas, giving it the name of “the valley of gods.” The village priest confirms all important decisions such as buying, selling, or traveling. The Christian influence reached this valley slightly more than 40 years ago through the efforts of the Indian Evangelical Mission. There are only about 50 families practicing Christianity among the Inner Seraji-speaking people.


Bibles International adopted the Inner Seraji project in 2004.Thetranslators are Prince Reginald and his wife, Vasantha, both of whom are educated. They are personal friends of BI Consultant Jonathan and Hannah Victor, who are also working with the Inner Seraji. Much of the New Testament is translated into a rough draft.

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