Core Values

  • Core Values

Bibles International has resolved to:

  • Adhere to the fundamental, traditional Baptist principles of faith and practice;

  • Believe that the Word of God remains the Word of God when it is translated;

  • Comply with the conservative philosophy of Bible translation;

  • Do Bible translation as a result of, or in association with, church planting;

  • Exercise equal partnership with national sponsors and workers, showing them respect and protecting their dignity;
  • Fulfill fundraising as a ministry for the spiritual satisfaction of donors;
  • Generate agreements or task-oriented partnerships with other institutions, rather than organizational association, in striving to accomplish our mission;

  • Hold excellence high in products, performance, and piety

  • Issue materials to initiate, support, and enhance Bible reading and use;

  • Join together by faith as a family in our endeavors and ideas, triumphs and adversities

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