Children's Projects

Children's Projects

In some churches, missions is a “must,” while in others it is just “musty.”  Keep missions fresh and up-front for your young people by providing them with information.  These projects each have a different area of missional emphasis and are appropriate for vacation Bible schools or other children's programs!

Each project offers stories, visuals, posters, a theme song, and take-home cards to remind the children to pray for the project.  All of these tools can help add true-life missions to your program.

While Bibles International provides these materials free of charge, if you choose to involve the boys and girls in an offering based on these stories, the offering collected will go directly into the Bible translation project they have learned about.

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People"People, Plain & Tall"
God uses ordinary people to perform extraordinary tasks.

The "People, Plain & Tall" booklet includes four true stories from different parts of the world: the heart of central Africa, present-day west Africa, the river delta of Venzuela, and the towns of western Asia, where Bible translation is going on right this minute. Each story is the testimony of someone who has contributed in some way to Bible translation, either directly or supportively.


"People, Plain & Tall - Chad, Africa"PeopleChad
God uses ordinary people to perform extraordinary tasks.

The "People, Plain & Tall - Chad, Africa" booklet includes five chapters on the life of Ada Temple, taking a girl from upstate New York to Paris to the heart of Africa.  Each chapter is a period in Ada's life, showing God's continual fashioning of a woman involved in teaching, evangelism, and leadership training, into the very type of person needed to work as a Bible translation consultant.  Her unique experience with multiple languages and many cross-cultural adventures shaped Ada for her later years as a consultant with Bibles International.

"Mission Impossible"
Mission Impossible highlights a Berber tribe of North Africa which has a long history with roots in both animism and Christianity. Through centuries of Arab domination, these people have become Muslims.

Mission Impossible relates the problems of reaching people in countries closed to the Gospel through five true stories and coordinated visuals. Boys and girls are challenged by the hardships and triumphs of sending God’s Word into closed regions of the world.

creole"Creole's Cookin'"

Creole’s Cookin’ is a missions project designed for young people. Throughout four stories it presents the need for a clear, understandable and accurate translation of God’s Word.  Through the true stories and coordinated visuals, boys and girls hear the true life testimony of Dr. Hantz Bernard, Bibles International’s former Director and chief translator of the Creole New Testament.

Creole’s Cookin’ shows the chain of events that led from the witness of two missionaries to a teenager in Haiti.  Children hear of the change in Hantz’s life from a soccer-playing teenager to a leader trained as a pastor and Bible translator. 

"A Walk in the Dark!"Walk
The entrance of God's Word gives light.

"A Walk In the Dark" includes a total of five stories. It provides four true stories from four different parts of the world:  the jungles of western Asia, the river delta of Venezuela, the Andes Mountains of Peru, and the grasslands of the heart of Africa.  The fifth story is an animal folktale from western Asia that highlights darkness and light.

"A Walk In the Dark" presents the need for Scriptures to lead people to Christ, help them grow spiritually, and keep them from error.  Through the stories and coordinated visuals, boys and girls are faced with the challenges of providing Scripture for those who are without God’s Word.  They are also helped to understand the fears and misconceptions held by people who do not know what Scripture teaches.

To order any of the five projects described above:

Notify us today to receive information on using this project in your church. Include your name, church or camp name, and full address. 

If you wish to order immediately, please provide the following information in your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or letter:

  1. Name of the children's project you wish to order
  2. Church name and mailing address (include your name as contact person)
  3. Date when materials will be used
  4. Specify the form of visuals you would like to receive.  You may choose either color "8 1/2 x 11" flashcards or a CD of visuals.
  5. Specify the number of posters needed (11" x 17").
  6. Give the approximate number of children involved (necessary for the take-home cards where applicable).
  7. Also mention if you would like to have the theme song included.

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