Ministry Opportunities

Ministry Opportunities

Linguistics Consultant Responsible for linguistic foundation and backup for all Scripture translation and literacy activity of the missionaries, national translators, and literacy and translation consultants as well as oversight of new linguistic research for new projects.

Translation Consultant Responsible for the Scripture translation activity of the missionary and national translators assigned to him or her and facilitate the Bible translators' field work by consultation with them on linguistics, biblical languages, exegesis, and Bible translation principles and methods.

Bible Translator the objectives, duties, and responsibilities for this position.

Recommendations Where to Train provides a list of suggested schools for training according to the field or subject.

Starting Out If you think you might like to translate the Bible into another language and you are wondering how to get from where you are now into that work, here are some suggestions that may help.

Academic Training presents a general indication of some of the areas of concentration and the different academic levels at which each can be found, whether undergraduate, graduate seminary, or graduate university.

FAQS You wonder about Bible translation ministry, or about opportunities for service with Bibles International.

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