Literacy Consultant

Position Description for Literacy Consultant

Bibles International Division of Baptist Mid-Missions
Revised October 2014

Position Title: Literacy Consultant

Objectives of Position:

  1. Good functional and personal interaction with participants in Text Production and in other relationships with Bibles International, Baptist Mid-Missions and national groups.
  2. Reading proficiency of nationals sufficient to enable them to make good use of the Scriptures Bibles International is assisting them to produce.

Responsible to: International Literacy Coordinator

Responsible for:

Facilitating reading proficiency of nationals by assisting national literacy workers to create and use literacy materials and programs that are of the highest quality, conforming to Bibles International standards and policies.


  1. In cooperation with the Chief Literacy & Linguistics Coordinator and International Literacy Coordinator, recruit and train new regional literacy coordinators as necessary.
  2. During literacy workshops, work as a member of the literacy team (nationals and expatriates) to recommend needed orthographic changes, and to develop accurate literacy materials following approved principles and methods.
  3. Edit literacy materials for models, and drafts of overseas language materials.
  4. Help motivate and train national literacy helpers and national and expatriate literacy teachers.
  5. Develop a library of literacy materials and models related to the preparation of literacy materials and to the teaching of literacy. The library should include an extended file of culturally relevant illustrations and aids for teachers of literacy.
  6. Be involved in the development of a set of models for literacy pre-primers, literacy primers, bridge primers, reading books, and teacher’s manuals. Models should be in English, French and Spanish.
  7. Upgrade personal competence in developments in literacy theory and methodology. In cooperation with Information Systems, this will include developments in the area of computer technology, particularly in software applicable to producing literacy materials.
  8. Keep the International Literacy Coordinator informed of progress and problems on all projects and activities related to literacy production.
  9. Act as a liaison between Bibles International, BMM Field Councils, Regional Literacy Coordinators and the Literacy Department.
  10. Act as a resource and research person for Regional Literacy personnel.
  11. Represent Bibles International in colleges, churches and other meetings as schedule and resources permit.


  1. Character and gifts:
    1. Personal commitment to Jesus Christ, to His commission and to His Word.
    2. Spiritual and emotional maturity demonstrated by integrity, objectivity, and intellectual honesty.
    3. Interest and ability in basic phonological and phonemic analysis and the teaching of literacy.
    4. Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects and to spend long hours on detail work.
    5. Open mind to non-traditional ways of looking at literacy materials and literacy teaching.
    6. Willingness to travel and operate for weeks at a time under less than ideal conditions. (Some consultants travel to workshops from their U.S. based homes while some live and work in other countries.)
  2. Academic preparation:
    1. Bachelor’s degree in education, missions, linguistics, literacy or TESOL preferred. Degrees in modern language, communications and cultural anthropology also beneficial.
    2. Advanced training in literacy and linguistics if not concentrated on in undergraduate training.
    3. Speaking fluency in a language other than English, with French preferred and Spanish, or Portuguese as secondary choices.
    4. Reading fluency in French, Spanish, or Portuguese.
  3. Experience:
    1. Personnel management
    2. Teaching reading, preferably in a language other than English.
    3. At least two field workshops in orthography development and preparation of literacy materials.
  4. Missionary appointment by Baptist Mid-Missions.

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