Projects Coordinator - Position Description

Position Title:

Projects Coordinator for one of the following combined world regions:

  1. Africa and Europe
  2. Americas and the Caribbean
  3. Asia and the Pacific

Position Goals:

  1. Communicate to laypeople, pastors, churches and organizations that:
    1. There are many people being discipled worldwide, that are in need of a reliable Bible translation in their own mother tongue so that they may grow in their relationship with God.
    2. BI trains national believers to become Bible translators, enabling them to translate the Bible into their own mother tongue.
    3. BI provides necessary scholarship and quality checks, allowing an accurate Bible translation to be produced.
    4. BI provides linguistic and literacy training for language groups that do not have a written language.
  2. Understand the function of BI’s Bible translation and literacy ministry in the larger picture of world needs, missions and ministry both inside and outside of BI and BMM. 
  3. Promote and coordinate partnerships between national church associations and BI in order to sponsor, promote and finance Scripture translation and its publication.
  4. Promote and coordinate partnerships among supporters in the USA (churches and individuals), BI and overseas translation and literacy projects.

Position Objectives:

  1. Share the mission of BI through:
    1. Speaking engagements at local churches and regional conferences
    2. Personal visits with pastors
    3. Personal visits with businessmen
    4. Prayer letters regarding BI projects’ needs.
  2. Locate and identify new potential translation and literacy projects for BI through:
    1. National contacts both in the USA and overseas
    2. Missionaries both in the USA and overseas
    3. Resource people both in the USA and overseas.
  3. Structure ready-to-be adopted translation projects through the creation of:
    1. Project budgets
    2. Sponsorship Committees
    3. Translator salary structures
  4. Observe the progress of BI’s translation and literacy projects through:
    1. Meetings with the Project Manager 
    2. Meetings with the Text Production Manager 
    3. Correspondence with BI’s consultants, overseas affiliates, and national translators 
    4. Receiving and relaying necessary information concerning a project’s progress:
      1. Workshop reports
      2. Project Tracking Charts and Project Snapshot dashboard.
  5. 5. Encourage, promote and facilitate the use, publication and distribution of BI’s translated Scripture on the various fields of service through:
    1. Field missionaries
    2. National church associations
    3. Bible Societies.

Responsible to: Projects Manager

General Responsibilities:

  1. Project research and evaluation
  2. Scripture use
  3. Scripture distribution and sales
  4. Communication that pertains to the above (project research, Scripture use and distribution), including collecting feedback from Scripture publication.
  5. Creation of a ministry agenda in conjunction with the immediate needs of BI as listed above, and within the framework established by BI in respect to travel and time in the BI office:
    1. Making contacts and promoting BI in the community
    2. Occasional weekend speaking in churches
    3. Occasional attendance and speaking at regional church associations
    4. Attending one learning seminar per year in a ministry related area
    5. Visiting various translation agencies and resource centers.
  6. Planned field visits per year:
    1. Doing the on-site research necessary before adoption of a potential BI project.
    2. Monitoring and maintaining good relationship with on-going projects
    3. Encouraging interested church groups and supporters of BI and BMM to have hands-on ministry experiences (short-term mission trips)
    4. Understanding the work and people involved in Bible translation in order to better promote BI’s projects
    5. Promoting the use and distribution of Scripture
    6. Visiting various translation agencies and resource centers overseas in order to understand their ministries, gain helpful information and hopefully to avoid duplication, overlapping of time and efforts and possible misunderstandings (e.g. competitive translations).


  1. Spiritual and emotional maturity, loyalty to God’s Word, devotion to Jesus Christ, and a burden for the Great Commission and the needs of Bible translation
  2. Agreement with the doctrinal statement and translation philosophy of BI, evidenced by devotion to the conservative, evangelical, fundamentalist faith and holding active membership in a local baptistic church
  3. Understanding of the conservative Bible translation art and science, its philosophy and proper methodology
  4. Willingness to work with people of all ethnic groups and socio-economic levels; having a love for souls, both saved and unsaved
  5. Minimum of three to five years in a position requiring leadership, administrative, or managerial skills
  6. Minimum of three to five years in ministry work
  7. Proven skill in public speaking, preaching and/or teaching
  8. Degree or certificate in biblical studies
  9. Working skills with computers and the internet
  10. Knowledge of basic accounting procedures
  11. Ability to resolve interpersonal conflicts biblically
  12. Consensus-builder and unifier
  13. Qualities of integrity, objectivity and intellectual honesty

Projects Coordinator Job Description Revised 9/14/2017

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