The Day Bible Project

Profile of the Day-speaking People


  • Chad, Africa, in the Southwest Sahr region


  • 104,000 (Joshua Project)


  • Primarily Christian (34% evangelical)
  • Islam 40%
  • Ethnic (Animism) 7%


  • Used to be 20%, but since we began literacy work, the literacy rate has risen
  • New primers were printed in December 2013 


The Day (Dai) People are located in the Sahr region of Southwest Chad, Africa. The Days came from the East and settled by the side of the valley of Adamaoua. The Day people say that their ancestors found an interesting territory or ground that was good for hunting and planting and decided to settle there. Today the Day people primarily farm. There are also those who work in factories and in the government, but even those people also work in the fields.

The Gospel first came to the Sahr region through the efforts of Baptist Mid-Missions missionary Paul Metzler. A German missionary first translated the New Testament into the Day language in 1989, but it was deemed to be not a good translation by the Day people as it is more of a paraphrase. They also found it difficult to understand. Bibles International adopted the Day project and first published their New Testament in 1999. It was well received, and work then began on the Old Testament in 2000. We are now in the final stages of completing the Old Testament and hope to dedicate it in 2019.

Along with the translation process, much literacy work has been done with the Day as well. BI first produced a primer in 1992 and again in 1994. Those are completely sold out, and Carla Bieber, a literacy consultant with BI, is currently revising the primer and plans are in place to reprint it soon. It is estimated that the literacy rate may have risen to 70% as a result of BI’s work among the Day people.




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