Rito New Testament Translation Project

Profile of the Rito-speaking People


  • Those in Chad are living in the southeastern part of the country

  • Those in CAR live in the northern part of the country

Language Family

  • A Nilo-Saharan language


  • 4,000 (in Chad) (Mark Seymour, BMM missionary)

  • 600,000 (in CAR) (Mark Seymour, BMM missionary)


  • The major religion in this area would be animism

  • At the time the project was begun, it was estimated that there were approximately 2,390 believers among the Rito in Chad and 22,484 among the Rito in CAR


  • Bibles International developed an orthography for the Rito language as well as a primer

  • The primer was published in 1997

  • Extensive teacher training was done in 1999

Existing Bible Translations

  • There is no existing Scripture in the Rito language

  • They use the Sango Bible in their church services and translate on the spot from it



The Rito people live in the southeastern part of Chad and the northern part of Central African Republic. Until Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries began work with them, they had no printed materials since their language had not been written.

When Bibles International personnel visited the Rito people in Chad in 1994, they were struck by their hunger for a Bible in their language. Rito men told them that they had been praying for two generations for someone to help them translate the Word of God into their language. By 1994, many of the Rito people were believers, with the Sango Bible being used in the churches. At the time BI personnel met with them, one of the men told them, “We want God’s Word for all the Rito. We understand it will take many years to finish the whole Bible. We are willing to hold on tight to the work. We want the Word of God especially for our children and our grandchildren.”

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