• 38,000 Speakers
  • Northwest Ghana, Africa
  • 30 % Literate Rate
Work Completed:
  • 1984 New Testament
  • 1996 Primer                      
Work in Progress:
  • 2009 Old Testament Printed 
  • May 2010 Dedication date


"As I was in the church as a member, I also started telling people about the Lord. One day when I was out telling (a man) the good news, he asked me this question: "Where did you get this news to tell us?" I told him it came from the Bible. He handed me a New Testament in English and said, "Show me where you are talking from." I told him I could not read, but I knew it is true. He told me to stop what I was doing, that I didn't know a thing. I almost wept. There and then I prayed to my Lord and said if He wants me to tell people about Him He should help me to learn to read in my own tongue. At this point I made it known to one of the pastors and he started reading twice a week with me. Someone in my village also was helping me. It came to a time I had a guinea worm. I was always in bed, but all the time I tried to read. It was a long time for my sickness, but before the sickness finished I could read."


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