Cuzco Quechua

  • 2.5-3 Million Speakers
  • 4.45% Evangelicals
  • +/- 115,000
  • Southern Peru, Northern Bolivia
  • Country Literacy: 90%
  • Language Literacy: 5%

Work Completed:
1997 Preprimer
1998 Mark, James, I, II, III John
2002 O.T. Bible Storybook

New Testament Dedication:
January 24, 2012                                   


Each of the churches has committed to giving a monthly offering to help pay for the cost of producing the new translation.  Farmers have dedicated portions of their fields to raise crops to be sold to help with costs.  One farmer said, "I will dedicate half of my part of the farm to the Bible translation for as long as I live."

The current Quechua Bible differs from the Greek and Hebrew texts in various places.  It is difficult to understand.  Sentences and words are long and hard to decipher.  Many pastors are reluctant to encourage reading and memorizing the present Quechua Bible.  Therefore, the Quechua people are not growing, worshipping, or witnessing as they might.  The church association met for their annual meeting and invited the B.I. consultant to be a guest Bible teacher.  During one session he had men read the first chapter of James that they had translated that week into Quechua.  Their reading so riveted the crowd's attention that the room fell silent.  Amazingly a Bible passage made sense!   The team had found a way to say each idea in good Quechua.  The people loved it! They all asked for copies.  Pastors wanted to prepare Bible messages from it.

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