Chiru Bible Translation Project

Profile of the Chiru-speaking People


  • Northeastern state of Manipur, India

Language Family:

  • Part of the Sino-Tibetan family


  • 10,400 (Joshua Project)


  • They define themselves as Christian


  • As with any first-language project, some linguistics revision work will be needed. The Chiru language is considered to be a developing language. Therefore, linguistics and literacy work will continue with the Old Testament project.
  • The literacy rate among the Chiru is about 95%. BI’s literacy training and materials provided during the New Testament translation greatly added in increasing the literacy rate among the Chiru.

Existing Bible Translations:

  • Bibles International’s New Testament was published in 2009. That was the first and currently only New Testament available.



The Chiru tribe, located in northeastern state of Manipur in India, number only around 10,000 speakers, but there are 13 churches with 13 pastors, 2 evangelists, and 9 missionaries, so God is clearly at work. This is remarkable considering the Chiru did not have any Scripture in their language until Bibles International completed their New Testament in 2009.

God’s work among the Chiru does not have a long history. A missionary began preaching the gospel to this tribe around 1933; however, the churches went liberal quickly. God eventually sent an independent Baptist missionary to these people, and the church has continued well since then.

The BI New Testament has been very well received by the Chiru people. Most of the 6,000 New Testaments that Bibles International printed have been sold among the Chiru. They now want to have a full Bible made available to them, and they genuinely desire BI continue working with them to produce this translation project. Bibles International officially adopted the Chiru Old Testament project in 2013. They are eagerly awaiting this full Bible. One Chiru pastor said, “There won’t be any other greater thing for the Chirus to seek than to have God’s Word in our own language. Churches will be greatly strengthened by the arrival of God’s Word in our language.”

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