• 12,000 Speakers
  • 98% Professing Christians
  • 40 Churches
  • Manipur, India
  • Literacy: 65%
Work Completed:
     1992 Bible
     2004 Primer
     2004 O.T. Storybook 1 

Work in Progress:
    2005 O.T. Storybook 2
    2010 Revised New Testament


The Simte shared with B.I. consultants that one of their greatest concerns is that they are losing their young people.  One of the pastors shared that many of the young men have become involved in the insurgency groups.  He said even many pastors' sons have become involved in these violent activities.  They have developed an overall plan for reaching their own young people and making God come alive to them.  The O.T. Storybooks and training have become a part of this plan.

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