Haka Chin New Testament Translation Project

Profile of the Haka Chin


  • SE Asia
  • A closed country

Language Family:

  • A Kuki-Chin language (part of the Sino-Tibetan family).


  • 131,000 (Ethnologue)
  • 121,000 (Joshua Project)


  • 65% of the Haka Chin are considered Christian; however, only an estimated 35% are evangelical.


  • Bibles International is currently producing Old Testament storybooks and conducting training in literacy.

Existing Bible Translations:

  • First Haka Scripture portions published in 1920.
  • British and Foreign Bible Society published a Bible in 1966 translated by a missionary and considered unreadable. Out of print.
  • UBS published a TEV (paraphrase) Bible translation in 1987.
  • UBS published an RSV New Testament translation in 2000. It is considered difficult to read.



Early missionaries successfully evangelized this part of SE Asia in the early 1900s. Unfortunately, the Baptists in this area soon became liberal, as did their training institutions. Along with their liberal and sometimes non-evangelical practices, there came a series of unreliable translations that further confused or misled the Haka Chin people. Today most of the Haka Baptist churches and theological seminaries in this area are considered liberal. Many of the fundamentals of the faith, including the virgin birth, the deity of Christ, and salvation through grace alone, are denied.

Bibles International adopted the Haka Chin project in 2002, and the first translator was Rev. Paul Cung Bil Thawng, a Haka national. Pastor Hoi Cung Tum, or Cung Cung as he is better known, an educated and trained fundamental Baptist pastor, started a church with the hope of training the Haka Chin in the true Word of God. Bibles International approached Pastor Cung Cung to help in translating a reliable and understandable New Testament and eventually an Old Testament for the Haka people. Pastor Cung Cung is the current national translator and is working closely with Bibles International missionaries Ross Hodsdon and Sana Singh on this project.



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