Three New Projects

Bibles International Adopts Three New Projects

A Scripture translation project, once it is adopted by Bibles International, will usually be a part of our ministry for a decade or so, and in our hearts for a lifetime. Considering the resources of personnel and finances that will be committed, careful research is undertaken to be sure the project is viable and is fulfilling a need. Bibles International is pleased to introduce three projects from the country of Myanmar that were adopted late in 2016, two for New Testament translation and one for literacy.Kokak 2

Please pray for each group as they begin the long and tedious work of translation. Pray for the national workers, for the BI consultants, and for the funds needed for the long years of work.

Uppu Chin Transitioning From Literacy to New Testament Translation in 2018

Uppu Chin has been a BI literacy project since 2004. This language was formerly known as the Chin Pong, then the Chinbon Chin, but is now recognized by the Myanmar government as the Uppu Chin. The Uppu reside in the mountainous regions of the southern Chin State, the Magway region, and the Rakhine State.

The Joshua Project lists 8% of the Uppu Chin population as Evangelical (of which 89% are Protestant and 10% Catholic). The remaining 92% of their population is fairly evenly split between Buddhism and Animism.

A BI research team met with leaders from the Uppu Chin in early 2016. These people knew of between 300 and 500 believers spread among eleven evangelical churches where Uppu is used in preaching and teaching. Four of those churches are Baptist.

After working with the BI literacy consultants for four years, the Uppu Chin produced their first primer in 2008. This work has been recognized by the government and the orthography used by BI will be taught in the area schools.

Bibles International is pleased to announce that this project has been officially adopted for continued literacy work and New Testament translation. Due to the heavy load already being carried by BI’s Asia consultants, 2017 will be dedicated to continued literacy work. Translators' training will commence in 2018.

The Kokak People Ready to Begin Literacy Work with Bibles International

Kokak 3Formerly known as the Koki Naga, the Kokak migrated to northern Myanmar from India some 200-250 years ago. In 1938, a Burmese evangelist returned from a trip to India with the Gospel. As a result, 15% of the Kokak consider themselves Christian (source the Joshua Project).

In March of 2015, the Lord brought the Kokak into connection with BI through Dr. Hung Kim, BI adjunct consultant, at a church where he was preaching. One year later, the Kokak were on the list to be visited by the BI multi-national research team. The team met in Monywa, with half of the Kokak coming from Yangon and the other half (non-English-speaking) coming by river from the Naga Hill country.

Over breakfast, the BI team heard of the Kokak passion and desire for a written language and eventually a Bible. We are pleased to announce that Bibles International has adopted the Kokak for literacy work, with the prayer that one day we can assist them with their first Scriptures.

The Taisun Anxiously Await a New Testament

Taisum MtgThe Gospel came to the Taisun around 1927, when Pu Sim Tei accepted Christ as Savior and was baptized at the age of 20. When he returned to his village he shared this good news with his wife, Pi Tuk Hniang, who accepted Christ and was baptized. Today there are at least 8 fundamental Baptist churches, most of which are aligned with the Gospel Baptist association, and 20 additional churches of varying denominations. About 70% of the Taisun would claim to be Christian.

BI is pleased to announce adoption of the Taisun language for New Testament translation, with translator training to commence in 2018. The year 2017 would be spent in further linguistic research and computer training.


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