Myanmar Translation Center

The country of Myanmar spent over five decades in military-imposed isolation. Closed to the outside world in the early 1960s, it held a much-publicized free election in November of 2015. The country is now open to outside trade and business.

In spite of the hurdles, Bibles International began working with the believers of Myanmar decades ago. At first, translation workshops could only be held in a neighboring country and then in hotel rooms. Our first New Testament for a people group in that country was published in 1998. As the years went on, the Bibles International Myanmar Society (BIMS) was created with Myanmar nationals forming the executive committee. As the number of translation projects grew, rented office space soon proved expensive and inadequate for the work done there. It was finally decided that BIMS needed an adequate translation center.

The city of Yangon is large and crowded. With the country opening its borders, the growth has exceed the infrastructure, causing traffic gridlocks across a cityscape punctuated by construction cranes. Property is expensive and available lots are small.

Friends of BI raised funds for the purchase of property and construction in a very aggressive campaign. A year ago, construction was begun. While there have been some hiccups along the way, the translation center construction is coming to a close. Planning for the d├ęcor of the interior and the furnishings will be finalized in March of 2017. Because that is yet to be completed, the dedication of the building will be held later in 2017 after the rainy season has come to an end.

This building will allow for office space, consultant conference areas, guest rooms, and facilities for visiting BI consultants. Our consultants, who are multi-national, look forward to the day they can avoid ever-mounting hotel costs and traffic jams getting across the city.

Pray with us for a successful completion of this strategic translation center and many years of fruitful work within its walls.

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