Ross Hodsdon With The Lord

On Sunday, August 6, 2017, Ross Hodsdon met his Savior face to face. His long battle with cancer is over. We rejoice for the end to suffering, yet we sorrow with his family at the adjustments and loss (even though temporary) they now face.RossH

For the past several decades Ross Hodsdon and his wife Cathy have been mainstays at Bibles International, serving as Bible translation consultants since 1989 (though they began their missionary ministry in the early 1970’s). They have worked as a team, bringing scholarship, cross-cultural savvy, and great heart to a kind of work that can seem erudite, intense and exacting. Yet anyone who worked with Hodsdon speaks of his laughter, his wisdom and his love for Jesus as much as they do his scholarly ability. Each translator who worked with him soon became family, and Hodsdon was known around the world as “Uncle Ross.”

To quote Chris Parker, one of BI’s consultants in training, “He pressed hard toward the goal of completed Bibles in so many languages, but without running over anyone's feelings or needs to get there. Rather, he had a special ability to whole-heartedly pursue the goal while still savoring every relationship along the way. No matter how busy, or who it was, he always had time for those around him. “

Hodsdon’s daughter and son-in-law, Connie Beth (Hodsdon) and Birch Champeon, also serve with Bibles International and often traveled and worked with Ross and Cathy overseas.

While not exhaustive, Ross worked with a variety of language groups in India, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil and Mexico.

We praise God for a man who truly served well. God has called him home. To God be the glory.

Below is the Obituary link for Ross Alen Hodsdon


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