Prayer Highlight

January 18, 2018 

  1. Rejoice with us that the Dagba New Testament, for a language in Chad, Africa, is now at the printer. We are using a new (to us) printer in the hopes that shipping will be better.
  2. Pray for Joshua Hedges who is working with the Day-speaking people in Chad. Ask the Lord to give them good health, and help them to make good progress.
  3. Cathy Hodsdon, Kim Hibbard, and her parents, Ken and Anita Hibbard, should arrive in a creative access nation today. Pray as they take up their work there.
  4. Pray especially for Cathy Hodsdon as this is her first trip overseas without her late husband, Ross Hodsdon. Ask the Lord to help her adjust to working without him by her side.
  5. Pray for Ken and Anita Hibbard as they seek ways they can be helpful in the two Asian countries they will be visiting. Ken has extensive experience in agriculture and horticulture. Anita will be working with an intern as they seek to help in the area of literacy work. Pray they will stay healthy, as this is their first time to serve in these countries.
  6. Pray for Hye Ree Park as she travels to Haiti, where she will work with the Haitian Creole Old Testament project.
  7. Bethany Boston and intern Abi Woudenberg left this week for work in a creative access country. Pray the Lord will use this time to direct Abi as to her future ministry.
  8. Pray for Alex Wheeler as he works with the Chiru Old Testament team on content checking in a creative access nation.
  9. Thank the Lord that Jim and Jenna Wright have been able to move north to the greater Grand Rapids area. Pray as they adjust to the snowy and cold climate they are encountering in the Grand Rapids area.
  10. Pray for those who are continuing to raise support. Chris Parker now has 85%, for which she is rejoicing. Joe and Bonnie Valentin have 77%. Jim and Jenna Wright have 63%. Pray that each of these missionary units will see a significant increase in their support levels as many churches adjust their missionary giving at this time of year.



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