Prayer Highlight

October 20, 2017

  1. Praise the Lord that Joe and Bonnie Valentin have been able to purchase a home in the Grand Rapids area. They are grateful that this will allow them to settle down.
  2. Pray with Jim and Jenna Wright as they continue to seek financing for a home outside Grand Rapids. It appears that things are moving forward, but closing will not occur before early November. They are eager to move their family near the Grand Rapids office.
  3. Thank the Lord for a blessed dedication of a New Testament in a restricted nation two weeks ago.
  4. Thank the Lord that Troy Manning returned safely from his recent trip to Asia.
  5. Praise the Lord that Troy and Oksana Manning have now reached full support.
  6. Continue to pray for many candidates for the Baptist Mid-Missions candidate class of 2018. Missionaries are retiring more quickly than they are being replaced. Both Baptist Mid-Missions, our parent organization, and Bibles International are asking the Lord for new missionaries to join the work.
  7. Pray as a young woman considers joining Bibles International. She recently returned from Myanmar where she had occasion to observe and be a part of a workshop there. Ask the Lord to make His will clear to her.
  8. Continue to pray for those raising their support. Chris Parker has 78%. She is praying to complete this stage of her ministry so that she can move to the Grand Rapids area around the first of next year. Joe and Bonnie Valentin have 76%. They are praying that they might be able to complete their support by the end of this year. Jim and Jenna Wright have 63% of their support.
  9. Thank the Lord that Isaiah Peterson has completed his Spanish language study in Peru. Pray for his wife, Rosanna, as she continues hers.
  10. Pray the Lord will be honored as the dedication of the Luxembourgish New Testament takes place on October 29.



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