Prayer Highlight

March 9, 2017

  1. Praise the Lord that Joshua Hedges returned safely from his time in Chad, Africa, working with the Sara Madjingaye-speaking people. Pray for him as he departs for West Africa today. Pray also for his wife and six children as they remain in Grand Rapids.
  2. Pray for Isaiah and Rosanna Peterson. They have been advised by Baptist Mid-Missions that they need to arrive in Peru no later than the middle of April in order to begin language study. They still need 10% of their support before they can be cleared to leave for the field. Pray the Lord will bring in the remainder of their support so that they can arrive in Peru in plenty of time to begin language study. They have been in Colorado this week saying goodbye to Rosanna’s family, always a difficult thing to do.
  3. Pray for consultant Kim Hibbard as she works with the Rawang people on their New Testament in South East Asia.
  4. Pray for consultant Bethany Boston as she works on literacy and linguistics with the Bualkhaw, Falam, and Kokak people in Yangon, Myanmar.
  5. Birch and Connie Champeon and their two sons are also in Yangon, Myanmar. Birch is training two new language groups, the Taisun and Chin Pong, to use the computer to begin the translation of their New Testaments. Connie will be working with the Kokak people, helping them develop an alphabet for their language. She will be aided in this by Bethany Boston. Pray for them as they seek to accomplish these important tasks.
  6. Pray as Joe Valentin leaves for Yangon with photographer, Eric Leskowicz. Eric will be doing some photography of the work being done in Myanmar, on behalf of Bibles International.
  7. Continue to pray for Nancy Singh, wife of Dr. Sana Singh, who developed new symptoms following surgery. She is on new medication and is being observed closely to monitor its impact on her.
  8. Continue to pray for those seeking to complete their required support levels. Chris Parker has 65%. Isaiah and Rosanna Peterson have 90%. Joe and Bonnie Valentin have 68%, and Jim and Jenna Wright have 63%. Obviously, it is the heart’s desire of each of these missionaries to be able to give fulltime attention to the respective ministries. Pray for them to have the necessary perseverance to continue with this aspect of their ministry.
  9. Continue to pray for Alex and Elizabeth Wheeler as they are on furlough in the USA, reporting to their supporting churches and enjoying time with family members. Pray they will be blessed, and be a blessing during this time.
  10. Several of our missionaries are battling upper respiratory infections while at the same time, caring for parents. Ask the Lord to give healing to the missionaries. Ask Him also to spare the parents of the infection, if it would please Him.



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