Prayer Highlight

February 24, 2017

  1. Praise the Lord that Bethany Boston has arrived at 100% support. She is grateful to have this part of her ministry behind her so that she can devote full time to other aspects of ministry with Bibles International.
  2. Pray for Joshua Hedges as he is working with the Sara Madjingaye translators in Chad, Africa. They have been working on the book of Ezekiel. He hopes to arrive back in Grand Rapids on February 27.
  3. Rejoice with Joel Wagner in his safe return to his family in Yangon, Myanmar. During a long trip inland, Joel and a national coworker ministered in music and in the preaching of the Word to people in a remote part of the country.
  4. Pray for BI retirees Eric and Cheryl Elmer as they make a trip on behalf of BI to do research and networking in Central Asia. Following their time in Asia, they plan to return to the US by way of Israel and Prague, Czech Republic, where their daughter and son-in-law minister along with two children. Pray for safety and good interaction as the Elmers are away.
  5. Thank the Lord that Anna Beth Wivell has completed a workshop with translators from the Sara Kaba Naa-speaking people in Chad, Africa. They worked through the first part of the book of Jeremiah.
  6. Pray for those who continue to work on raising support. Chris Parker has 65% of her needed support. Isaiah and Rosanna Peterson have 89%. Joe and Bonnie Valentin have 61%. Jim and Jenna Wright have 63%.
  7. Pray for Indian consultants, Lun Hungluah and wife Biak, who are studying in Israel. Pray that their time there would be beneficial in helping them to better understand the truths of Scripture.
  8. Pray for the Akha translator, A-Je Kukaewkasem, who is making plans to travel to the US from Thailand to work with Ross and Cathy Hodsdon, arriving near the end of March. They will work at completing the checking of the Psalms and begin quality checks in preparation for the printing of the Akha New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs.
  9. Praise the Lord that Ross Hodsdon has regained some strength on the new chemo regimen he is now receiving. He has resumed some consulting work, and is able to join his family for meals.
  10. Pray for Nancy Singh, wife of Indian consultant, Dr. Sana Singh, that she may continue to recover and gain strength following recent extensive surgery. Thankfully, the pathology reports showed no signs of cancer, but she is experiencing other symptoms now.



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