Prayer Highlight

June 15, 2017

  1. Thank the Lord for good progress as Susan Hossack worked with members of the Sango Revision committee in Central African Republic.
  2. Pray for Alex and Elizabeth Wheeler as they continue to settle into their home in India, following a short furlough in the USA.
  3. Praise the Lord for progress made on the Sara Kaba Naa Bible in Chad, Africa.
  4. Pray as the text production department seeks a Chadian who can be trained to work as a national consultant.
  5. Thank the Lord for progress made as Sana Singh and Peter Ranglong worked on the Ranglong Bible in India.
  6. Pray for wisdom as the Rawang team continues work on their New Testament in Myanmar. Team members are from three different locations, which can present challenges.
  7. Continue to pray for interns Bethany Ingram and Jessica Shay, who are in Pailapool, Assam, India. Bethany will be traveling home alone next week, while Jessica goes on from there to another field.
  8. Pray for Anna Beth Wivell, serving alone in Chad. Someone attempted to break into her house during the night recently. Ask the Lord to protect her and give her peace, if it would please Him.
  9. Pray for those currently raising support. Chris Parker has 75%. Joe and Bonnie Valentin have 67%. Jim and Jenna Wright have 63%.
  10. Pray for Jim and Jenna Wright who are looking for housing in the Grand Rapids area. Ask the Lord to lead them as they make this decision.



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