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July - September 2017 Prayer Guide

Senior Saints

If you live in the American culture, you have certainly heard the term Senior Saints. It often refers to the eldest group in a church. It may refer to group outings or social events for the older people in the church. However, unlike some cultures, American seniors are not always valued. I remember being so surprised when I first arrived in Africa and saw the respect given to the elderly there. When older people died, the community there mourned for days, whereas the loss of a baby or toddler was barely recognized. What a contrast to American culture!

But there are some perks to being a senior in America. Among them are reduced costs in restaurants and at hotels and motels. Those who put off traveling while family responsibilities were heavy may find they have the time to travel in their senior years. “Old Faithful” may refer to more than a geyser. Perhaps some gathered around its perimeter, watching the water spew into the air, are those whose hair is now gray.

There may be other benefits to aging as well. Possibly, retirees or the elderly will find they have more time to volunteer. Now that child rearing has ended and job responsibilities have lightened, we may have opportunities to serve at funeral meals, babysit the grandchildren or the great-grandchildren, sing in the choir, and do church visitation. In addition, the opportunity to sit down with our Bibles and prayer lists may occur more frequently.

Recently one of BI’s older friends finished his course here on earth. We are certain he is enjoying his Savior, and for that we rejoice. But who will take the place of this godly man? Will you determine to spend more time before the throne of God, remembering the work of world missions in general, and of Bibles International in particular? Only as our prayer warriors, many of them senior saints, continue to support Bibles International in prayer, will our work count for eternity. “They shall still bring forth fruit in old age” (Psalm 92:14a).

- Elaine A. Schulte


  1. Joshua Hedges working with the Day language, and Anna Beth Wivell with the Sara Kaba Deme in Chad, Africa, in July.
  2. Jonathan Victor’s workshop with the Rathwi (7/3 - 7/14) in India.
  3. Glenn Kerr and Bethany Boston’s linguistics workshops with the Inpui Naga, Ranglong, Simte, and Tangkhul Naga in India, 7/1 - 7/17.
  4. Anna Beth Wivell and the Day-speaking people in Chad, Africa, working on the Old Testament in August.
  5. The BI consultant staff in America who will attend the Consultant Seminar, August 8-15.
  6. The US team gathering at the Shack in White Cloud, MI, for the annual meeting, August 16-18.
  7. Latoungam Rongmei in India, in August, working with the Paite Chin Bible.
  8. Alex Wheeler working with the Simte Bible in August.
  9. Workshops in Africa, in September: Joshua Hedges with the Dendi in Benin, West Africa; Glenn Kerr with the Ngam and Anna Beth Wivell with the Sara Kaba Deme in Chad, Africa.
  10. Alex Wheeler working with the Chakma Bible team in September.
  11. Lian Kim’s workshop with the Bualkhaw Chin Bible in Myanmar in September.
  12. Hye Ree Park working with the Hakha Chin Bible translators in September.
  13. God’s continued direction for Gary Walton, BI’s interim director.
  14. Isaiah and Rosanna Peterson as they continue language study in Lima, Peru. Pray for their health and that of their two-year-old daughter, Tirzah.
  15. Ross and Cathy Hodsdon as Ross begins hospice care.
  16. Continued good health for Dr. Vernon Rosenau, BMM president, following a mild heart attack in May.
  17. Those who continue to raise support for ministry with BI: Chris Parker, Joe and Bonnie Valentin, and Jim and Jenna Wright.
  18. Good health for the four Wright children as their parents are involved in traveling for deputation.
  19. Alex and Elizabeth Wheeler as they have arrived back in India and resumed their work there.
  20. The Inner Seraji people in India as they look forward to the printing and delivery of their NT.
  21. A building completion certificate that is necessary in order to occupy the new translation center in Myanmar.
  22. Unity for the Rawang team as they gather from three different locations to work on their NT and literacy.
  23. Continued good health and protection for Joel and Sarah Wagner and their five children as they live and work in Myanmar.
  24. Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit on the part of BI personnel around the world.
  25. The Tagalog (Philippines) team working on formatting the NT revision.
  26. A successful workshop held at BI, led by Elizabeth Wheeler, teaching Scripture formatting using the Adobe InDesign program.
  27. Funds that have been received for the printing of the Sara Kaba Deme trial edition.
  28. Isaiah and Rosanna Peterson, who saw God’s provision as they gained 100% support and were able to relocate to Lima, Peru.
  29. Over 2,000 copies of both of the trial editions of Acts and Romans (Matu Chin) and James (Tangkhul Naga) that have been printed and distributed in India.
  30. The safe delivery of a healthy baby boy for Troy and Oksana Manning.
  31. The trip of Eric Leszkowicz and Joe Valentin to Myanmar that provided valuable photos and video of BI’s three newest projects, the Kokak, Taisun, and Uppu Chin.

    Projects Manager Joe Valentin meets with the Kokak team in Myanmar.


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