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April - June 2017 Prayer Guide

Baby Steps

If you’re in a certain age bracket, you may remember the game “Mother, May I?” In it, each participant requested a certain number of steps from the “mother” -- baby steps, giant steps, scissor hops, etc. Giant steps were the preferred method of finishing first, but “mother” didn’t always allow those. Sometimes it was the baby steps, given enough of them, that allowed a person to reach the goal.

Ask any missionary to recount how God led him/ her to their place of service, and you will hear some wonderful things. Though you may hear some things that represent “giant steps” in the missionary’s journey, probably the majority of what you hear will be “baby step” accounts. Not one giant leap that took the missionary from the pew to the plane, but a whole lot of things that had a “This is the way, walk ye in it” (Isa. 30:21) ring to them -- baby steps such as taking a certain language course in high school or getting on a plane to attend a certain Christian college or choosing to attend mission prayer band in college or any number of similar things. Though seemingly insignificant at the time, those steps proved to be an integral part of the missionary’s journey. And often those steps led to other baby steps, all of which “worked together for good” (Rom. 8:28) as God carried out His plans.

Thank you for praying for the missionaries who make up the BI team. Your prayers have been and will continue to be instrumental in the path that each one follows in this worldwide ministry. And no doubt there are others even now who are just beginning to hear God’s call to missionary service, people whose names we have not yet heard. Please continue your fervent, effectual prayers so that each one can be sure that “He which hath begun a good work in [them] will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Phil. 1:6), through whatever steps God chooses.


1. Latoungam Rongmei working with the Inpui Naga and Jonathan Victor with the Rathawi (both in India) 4/10 - 4/21.
2. Bethany Boston’s literacy workshop with the Rawang (Myanmar) 4/3 - 4/14.
3. Chad workshops conducted by Glenn Kerr (Ngam) and Anna Beth Wivell (Sara Kaba Deme) in April.
4. The Manipuri & Ranglong teams (India) working with Sana Singh in April.
5. India workshops in May: Sana Singh with the Chakma (5/9 - 5/18) and Kim Hibbard with the Paite Chin (5/29 - 6/9).
6. Troy Manning working with Daniel Telfort on the Haitian Creole Bible 5/15 - 5/26.
7. Hung Kim and the Zomi (Myanmar) team working together in June.
8. India workshops in June: Alex Wheeler with the Tangkhul Naga (6/19 - 6/30) and Jonathan Victor with the Chiru (6/12 - 6/23).
9. Sara Kaba Naa (Chad) translation team working with Anna Beth Wivell in June.


10. God’s choice for a new BI director.
11. Wisdom for Gary Walton (BI’s interim director) and the BI administrative team.
12. $694,550 needed for projects scheduled for printing in 2017 and 2018.
13. Don Block, as he currently formats a NT, a Bible, and two trial editions for printing.
14. Good distribution and use of the 400 Sango (Central African Republic) trial editions of Matthew delivered in December.
15. God’s provision of a new director for Bibles International Myanmar Society (BIMS).
16.Lun Hangluah and his wife Biak from India. They are in Israel until May, where Lun is receiving intensive translation training in preparation for being a BI consultant.
17. Hye Ree Park, as she completes the BI Mentorship Program and begins doing consulting on her own. Her assigned projects are the Hakha Chin (Myanmar) and Akha (Thailand) Bibles.
18. Chris Parker, as she continues raising support and seeks God’s leading as to where she will locate once she begins her BI consulting work.
19. Others raising their support: Joe & Bonnie Valentin, Jim & Jenna Wright, and Isaiah & Rosanna Peterson. The Petersons just received word that their move to Peru will take place in April. Please pray for them during this life-changing process!
20. More opportunities for BI staff to recruit people in churches and Christian colleges who are considering involvement in Bible translation.
21. Eric Elmer and Bill Mosher, as they continue to research people groups still needing the Bible in their language.
22. Efficient implementation of ParaTExt, a computer program designed for Bible translators that will help BI translators around the world.
23. Labor without complications and delivery of a healthy baby boy for Troy and Oksana Manning in May.
24. Continued safe travels for BI personnel in a world of tenuous political situations.
25. Susan Hossack, as she changes her ministry location to France. She will continue to be an adjunct translation consultant for BI.


26. A business organization that donated 7 laptop computers to BI. They are being prepped by James Wittenberger and will be sent to various BI translators.
27. The organization Faith Comes by Hearing that has converted many BI Scriptures into electronic format and some into audio as well.
28. The money Joel Wagner is able to save BI on hotel reservations in Myanmar by being onsite.
29. Three new Myanmar projects adopted by BI: Kokak (literacy), Taisun (NT), and Uppu Chin (NT & literacy).
30. Bethany Boston reaching 100% of her support, relocating to Grand Rapids, and being a very significant, full-time asset to BI’s ministry.
31. A children’s Bible club in Michigan that assembled/sold Christmas fruit baskets and sent the generous profits to BI.         

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