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October - December 2017 Prayer Guide

God’s Sovereignty; Our Prayers

For years, theologians have discussed the interaction of the sovereignty of God and our prayers. Until we reach heaven, we will likely never understand this interaction, but we know it exists. We understand that a sovereign God asks us to call on Him in prayer. “Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know” (Jer. 33:3). In His infinite wisdom, He uses our prayers to accomplish His purposes.

An example of God’s sovereign use of our prayers became very clear to some of us at Bibles International last quarter. If you were using last quarter’s prayer guide, you likely came upon the following request for the 23rd of the month: “[Pray for] continued good health and protection for Joel and Sarah Wagner and their five children as they live and work in Myanmar.” At the time that prayer guide was written, months earlier, none of us could have predicted that Joel Wagner and his oldest daughter, nine-year-old Hannah, would be combating Dengue fever on July 23. Dengue fever has been nicknamed “break-bone fever” because of the terrible pain associated with it. But God was gracious. Neither Joel nor Hannah experienced the acute suffering usually associated with Dengue fever. Joel wrote in his communication to the US: “We’re so thankful for the many notes, kind comments, and faithful prayers! A few days more rest, but it looks like a light brush with Dengue this time.” Was that because people all over the United States were praying, at that exact time, that God would protect the health of the Wagners? That is a question we may want to ask the Lord once we get to heaven.

In the meantime, let’s continue to seek the Lord in prayer. Who can even image what He may accomplish through the combination of our prayers and His sovereign will? Will there be those in heaven because we faithfully prayed that His Word would be available to people in a remote area of the world? Undoubtedly!


  1. Carla Franklin, with Claire Hossack translating, leading workshops with the Neao and Kawolu in Cote d’Ivoire, W. Africa, 10/27 - 11/12.
  2. Anna Beth Wivell’s workshop with the Sara Kaba Naa in Chad, Africa, in October.
  3. Connie Champeon, Bethany Boston, and Sarah Wagner leading the Uppu Chin workshop in Myanmar, 10/9 - 20.
  4. The Kokak group meeting with Connie Champeon, Bethany Boston, and Elizabeth Wheeler, 10/23 - 11/3, in Myanmar.
  5. Alex Wheeler and a national consultant’s work with the Falam Chin team in Myanmar, in October, to prepare their Bible for printing.
  6. Joel Wagner’s workshop with the Tagalog team in the Philippines, 10/2 - 14.
  7. Hye Ree Park meets with the Akha in Thailand, 10/23 - 11/3.
  8. The Dendi workshop with Joshua Hedges in Benin, W. Africa, in November.
  9. David Cropsey and Claire Hossack working with six teams in Chad, Africa, 11/16-30.
  10. Consultants meeting with teams in Asia in October, November, and December.
  11. A national consultant working with a group in Myanmar in November.
  12. Troy Manning doing Bible translation software training with four groups in Chad, Africa, in December.
  13. A national consultant training the Read & Review committee for the Hakha Chin in Myanmar in December.


  1. The formatting, printing, and shipping of the Tenek NT for Mexico.
  2. The Wright family as they seek to find affordable housing in the Grand Rapids area for their family of six. They hope to enroll their children in a Grand Rapids area school as soon as possible.
  3. Cathy Hodsdon as she grieves the loss of her beloved husband, Ross, on August 6, 2017. Pray also for the four children and their families.
  4. Those who continue to raise support for ministry with BI: Chris Parker, Joe and Bonnie Valentin, and Jim and Jenna Wright. Pray especially with the Valentins who hope to complete this part of their ministry by the end of this year.
  5. Continued safety for BI personnel around the world, including while traveling.
  6. Details that need to come together for the Harvest Dinner to be held October 19.
  7. BI’s new constitution being submitted for approval to the BMM General Council in November.
  8. BI missionaries caring for elderly parents.
  9. New missionary recruits for BI.
  10. BI interim director Gary Walton, and for God’s provision of a permanent director
  11. Continued growth and development for the premature baby born to Hakha Chin translator Hoi Chung Tum, and his wife, Tracy.


  1. A successful consultant seminar at the Grand Rapids office in August.
  2. Blessings at the annual meeting in August, which included good reports and great Bible teaching by Dr. Les Ollila.
  3. Good training in the ParaTExt program for consultants in the US in September.
  4. The dedication of both the Luxembourgish NT and a NT in Asia in October.
  5. The dedication of the Myanmar Translation Center on Saturday, September 9, 2017. This represents a culmination of two years of intense work.
  6. Twenty-eight of the Bibles and NTs published by BI that will be on display in the Museum of the Bible opening soon in Washington DC.
  7. That Kim Hibbard received her visa for continued work in Asia.

    Dr. Les Olilla speaks at BI retreat: literacy group meets during the consultant seminar.Dr. Les Olilla speaks

Literacy group meets during the cosultant seminar; Dr. Les Olilla speaka at BI retreat.

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