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January - March 2018 Prayer Guide

Tarrying by the Stuff

In general, those who serve at Bibles International (BI) might be divided into two categories. There are those who are on the front lines of battle. They are the ones who travel oversees, or within the USA, to represent BI. They interact with overseas staff as translation consultants, literacy consultants, projects coordinators, and the director of BI. They attend dedications of Scriptures and/or dedications of buildings. They celebrate anniversaries with affiliates overseas. They are the ones who are featured in articles in the Briefings. They know many of those with whom we work on a first-name basis. In fact, some of them live overseas.

The second category might be known as those who “tarry by the stuff” (1 Sam. 30:21-25). Those in the second category serve as BI representatives in a different way. Their responsibilities are usually fulfilled within the four walls of BI’s building in Grand Rapids. Their positions may be viewed as somewhat less glamourous. But is this true?

How many of you know Don and Pat Block? Don is an editorial coordinator; Pat serves as a hostess. Do you know Judy Brinks? She serves as the administrative assistant to the administration and stewardship departments. Have you met Jackie Eaton, who serves as the receptionist? And Becky Holub who is the administrative assistant to the projects and text production departments? Becky Kooiman is the person you want to know if you have questions regarding donations. Barb Perrine travels on occasion, but is usually at her desk, where she serves as the finance and office manager. And what about James Wittenberger? We would all suffer were it not for his skills in keeping our computers running. And then there are the retirees who continue to work: Eric and Cheryl Elmer and Elaine Schulte, retired from BI; and Bill Mosher, retired from BMM but volunteering at BI. These are they who “tarry by the stuff.” Will they be rewarded equally? You decide, based on 1 Sam. 30:24-25.


  1. Hye Ree Park, meeting with translator Daniel Telfort in Haiti, in January. They will work on the Haitian Creole Bible.
  2. Alex Wheeler and Kim Hibbard, working with teams in a creative access nation in January and February.
  3. Intern Abi Woudenberg, traveling to Aisa with Kim Hibbard, where she will serve under the mentorship of Connie Champeon and Bethany Boston.
  4. Cathy Hodsdon, who is consulting with a team on their OT in a creative access nation. This will be her first overseas trip without her husband, who went to be with the Lord on August 6, 2017.
  5. Jonathan Victor, meeting with two teams in a creative access nation - one in January, and one in March.
  6. Literacy workshops led by Bethany Boston in a creative access nation in January, February, and March.
  7. Joshua Hedges and Anna Beth Wivell, as they team-lead a workshop with the Dagba and Day in Chad, Africa.
  8. Anna Beth Wivell and the Sara Kaba Deme-speaking people as they work on their Old Testament March 19-30.
  9. Glenn Kerr, traveling to Myanmar to lead a translation training workshop for three people groups in March.
  10. Hye Ree Park working with the Akha-speaking people in Chiang Rai, Thailand, March 19-30.
  11. The Dagba New Testament for Chad, Africa, as it is sent to the printer.
  12. The Wright family as they settle into life in Michigan. The children will be attending a new school. Pray for that adjustment.
  13. Kim Hibbard as she readjusts to life and ministry in Asia, following her furlough in the USA.
  14. Those who continue to raise support for ministry with BI: Chris Parker, Joe and Bonnie Valentin, and Jim and Jenna Wright. Pray especially with Chris Parker and the Valentins who hope to complete this part of their ministry by the end of this year.
  15. A young woman who is beginning the process of transferring to work with BI fulltime.
  16. Wisdom for decisions concerning ongoing discussion related to BI’s constitution
  17. BI missionaries caring for elderly parents.
  18. New missionary recruits for Baptist Mid-Missions and BI.
  19. Cathy Hodsdon as she builds a small home next to one of her sons, following the homegoing of her husband.
  20. Baptist Mid-Missions administrators, for wisdom as they lead BMM.
  21. Interim director Gary Walton, and for wisdom for God’s provision of a permanent director to be chosen by administrators at Baptist Mid-Missions
  22. For health and wisdom for Kim Hibbard’s parents as they accompany her to Asia, where they will serve overseas for three months.
  23. The Luxembourg team, as they gear up for translating the Old Testament.
  24. Leading Jim and Jenna Wright to housing in the Grand Rapids area. They will be moving their family here as soon as he has completed renovations on the house.
  25. The dedication of the Luxembourgish NT in October.
  26. A New Testament dedicated in a creative addess nation October 4, 2017.
  27. That Joe and Bonnie Valentin were able to buy a house in Grand Rapids.
  28. Kim Hibbard’s parents who will be accompanying her to Asia, where they will be involved in various aspects of the work.
  29. The dedication of the audio version of the Tumag NT on November 25 in Goundi, Chad.
  30. Volunteer Claire Hossack who taught literacy classes in Ivory Coast, and in Chad, Africa, last quarter.
  31. The dedication of the Jubilee Hall at the 25th anniversary of our affliate in a creative access nation, in November. Joe Valentin was there to officiate at the dedication.

    2018 1 Prayer Guide

    Projects Manager Joe Valentin dedicates Jubilee Hall at the 25th anniversary celebration.

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