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January - March 2017 Prayer Guide

Looking Past the Obvious

A pastor once used the phrase “looking past the obvious to the actual,” referring to our ability to see what is happening in the spiritual realm rather than just the set of physical circumstances around us.

If you had stopped by the BI office the last Fri­day in October 2016 and seen only two people there, it might have seemed obvious to you that not much work was being done. In actuality, however, a tremendous amount of BI-related ministry was taking place. A literacy consultant was working in India for seven weeks, a hus­band and wife were traveling out of state to rep­resent Bibles International, two staff members were representing BI at two different Christian colleges, a consultant in training was working in India and Myanmar for six weeks, two couples and our interim director were preparing for a week-long missions conference in Ohio, a con­sultant on furlough was reporting to a supporting church, and another couple was working from a location that would allow them to be with a family member who has cancer. Beyond that were the overseas consultants, translators, office work­ers, and committee members, each fulfilling a significant part of the many-faceted ministry that is Bibles International.

But even beyond these events, God sees the fruit that is growing as a result of them. He sees people devouring His Word, recently made avail­able in the languages they speak. He sees His Word discerning the very thoughts and intents of people’s hearts. He hears and responds to the prayers of His people who plead with Him to bring the lost to Himself. He hears and responds to your prayers. That fact makes you as signifi­cant in this ministry as the one who translates or consults or administers or cleans the office. May we all take our tasks seriously, looking past what may appear obvious and even tedious at times, to what is actual and glorious in God’s grand design.


  1. Troy and Oksana Manning, working on the Metanoia NT in Eurasia in January.
  2. Glenn Kerr’s workshop with the Tagalog NT team (Philippines) in January.
  3. The January workshop in Chad with Josh Hedges and the Day OT translators.
  4. India workshops: Jonathan Victor with the Inner Seraji NT team in January and February; Kim Hibbard (Simte OT), Sana Singh (Tangkhul Naga NT) in February.
  5. Josh Hedges’ workshop with the Dendi OT team in Benin and Anna Beth Wivell’s Sara Kaba Naa OT workshop in Chad, both in February.
  6. Myanmar workshops in March: Sana Singh and Connie Champeon, Bualkhaw OT; Connie Champeon, Falam Chin and Kokak literacy; Jonathan Victor, Hakha Chin OT; Kim Hibbard, Matu Chin NT and Rawang NT; Hung Kim, Zomi OT.
  7. Birch Champeon, as he works on computer setup for the Taisun team in Myanmar in March.
  8. Hye Ree Park, working with the Akha NT translators in Thailand in March.
  9. The Asia Consultant Seminar in March, a strategic session for BI consultants stationed in Myanmar and India.
  10. Joe Valentin’s trip to Bibles International Myanmar Society in March.
  11. March workshops in Chad: Glenn Kerr with Ngam OT team, Joshua Hedges with the Sara Madjingay OT team.
  12.  Dr. Vernon Rosenau, president of Baptist Mid-Missions, as he seeks God’s choice for a new BI director.
  13.  Wisdom for Gary Walton (BI’s interim director) and the BI administrative team.
  14.  People in Haiti hurting from Hurricane Matthew.
  15.  God’s work in the hearts of Haitians. 15,000 BI Haitian Creole New Testaments have recently arrived there.
  16. Good progress revising the Manipuri Bible, as all copies of the original edition have been sold.
  17. The many New Testaments and Bibles due to be printed this year.
  18. Elizabeth Wheeler, as she formats the Warao Bible for Venezuela.
  19. Many details involved in the construction of the Myanmar translation center. There have been some setbacks.
  20. Birch Champeon, as he addresses internet issues in BI’s Chad and India offices.
  21. The Luxembourg team. They are praying the NT can be printed by October of this year; there is still much to do.
  22. Anna Beth Wivell, who has completed her furlough and is back in Chad, continuing her consulting work with BI’s translators there.
  23. More opportunities for BI staff to recruit people in churches and Christian colleges who are considering involvement in Bible translation.
  24. Eric Elmer and Bill Mosher, as they continue to research people groups still needing the Bible in their language.
  25. Effective distribution and use of trial editions that have been printed for several people groups.
  26. Alex and Elizabeth Wheeler, on a furlough in the States until May.
  27. The increase in support that some of BI’s staff on deputation have received this past quarter. Thank you for praying; please continue!
  28. BI’s annual Harvest Dinner, which was attended by more than 500 BI friends. A significant offering was given for BI’s projects in Chad and Central African Republic.
  29. The volunteers who serve BI. They were honored at a special luncheon in November.
  30. Debbie King, who served as BI’s graphics designer for several years. And thank Him for Steve Haught, BI’s new designer.
  31. Churches that have recently joined BI’s Adopt- a-Language program, giving and pledging significant funds toward specific projects.


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