Harvest Dinner

Thank you for your sensitivity to the work of Bible translation around the world. This year’s BI Harvest Dinner highlighted the Sara Madjingay people of Chad and their Bible translation project. The theme of this year's dinner was Almost There! Helping the Sara Madjingay People Cross the Finish Line. We praise God for all those that contributed or pledged support of some kind in response to the evening. Thank you for participating in that way. All the funds have either been given or was pledged for the special project of the Sara Madjingay Bible. Your gracious gift will help the Sara Madjingay people cross the finish line. We cannot do this work without a team effort, so your contribution mattered. Please pray for the Sara Madjingay people. What a day of rejoicing that will be when they can hold in their hands the translated Word of God!

Please connect to the following link to view the Sara Madjingay video that was shown at the dinner.