Krupto New Testament & Literacy

  • Location: Asia
  • Target Completion Date: 2035

The Krupto people (a pseudonym) number about 40,000 and are the original inhabitants of their region, according to popular legend. The Krupto live deep among the hills, valleys, and forests in the northern part of a creative access country, and they speak an undeveloped language, despite outside influences. A majority of the Krupto have less than a 5th-grade education, resulting in only a 10% literacy rate in the state language.

Merely .04% of the population profess Christianity, with an unknown evangelical component, while a vast majority of the Krupto follow the national religion. Evangelism among the Krupto people remains in the pioneer stage, as ten known, faithful believers have formed six house churches, mostly attended by seekers at this time. During church services, the believers read the Word of God in the national language and preach in the state language, neither of which is their heart language. With such a great need evident among the Krupto people, many Christian churches have expressed willingness to sponsor translation and literacy work. One pastor advocated translation work by declaring, "It is our conviction that the Gospel will spread faster and penetrate more deeply if the Krupto tribe has the Scriptures in their own language."

Enthusiastic support both internally from among the Krupto people and externally from churches and individuals led to the establishment of sponsorship, translation, and read-and-review committees. After approving a request for the Krupto New Testament translation and literacy development in November 2018, Bibles International officially adopted this project in January 2019.

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