Luxembourgish Bible

  • Location: Luxembourg
  • Target Completion Date: 2033

Luxembourg, officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is bordered by Belgium, France, and Germany. Approximately 382,000 people dwell in this country, speaking three different languages: the national language of Luxembourgish, and the administrative languages, German and French. Eighty-seven percent of the population practice Roman Catholicism, with Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim adherents making up the remainder.

Since Luxembourgers are currently riding the crest of a social surge for nationalism, one of the best tools to awaken them to their spiritual need is the Bible in their language. Taking advantage of this incredible opportunity for the gospel's advancement, the first translator training occurred in December 2010. The Luxembourgish project has advanced rapidly since then, increasingly aided by readily available means of internet conferencing and communication. On October 29, 2017, a date chosen to coincide with the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, the Luxembourgish translation team dedicated their first New Testament amid a great reception by the Luxembourgish believers, with sales quickly surpassing 1,000 copies.

The chair of the direction committee, David Schartz, wrote about how this New Testament has touched the hearts of its readers, especially that of a baker in Differdange. "I always wanted to go once there and just observe the church and meet the people. Helmut, the pastor of the church, invited me up to say a few words. So I presented a bit about the Luxembourgish Bible, and ended with the words, 'Some people like the translation and some people do not like the translation, and that this is OK.' When I was ready to return to my seat, a man said that I should wait. He got up and told me that he was one of the fiercest critics against our translation. He certainly did not understand why we wasted the resources to do a Luxembourgish Bible. But since he has a copy and started to read it, he has become the biggest fan, and today he only reads his New Testament in Luxembourgish. He now sells his bread, and he sells the Luxembourgish New Testament in his shop too. What a privilege this man has to not only distribute the physical bread, but also the spiritual bread too!"

Not only have the physical copies of the New Testament translation positively impacted the spread of the gospel in Luxembourg, but also the internet and technology have made the New Testament more accessible through Google Play and phone apps. Additionally, websites such as Bibel fir Letzebuerg and its social media page on Facebook constantly help expand the reach of the Luxembourgish New Testament.

Work on the Luxembourgish Old Testament continues at a good pace. A member of the team studied Biblical Hebrew in Israel to help move this project forward to its target completion date.

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