Muslim Tat New Testament

  • Location:  Eurasia
  • Target Completion Date:  2030

Bibles International first learned about the Muslim Tat through visiting the neighboring Metanoia (a pseudonym) in 2019. The Muslim Tat are a respected minority in Eurasia, with some 25,000 living in country and 10,000 additional Muslim Tat living in neighboring countries. Over 75% of Muslim Tat adults consider it their first language. When Bibles International first met the Muslim Tat, they were working on translating the Bible into their language and had printed several Scripture portions already. They received good feedback from the trial editions regarding their correct use of Muslim Tat grammar and spelling as their language has a standardized orthography (and Roman script is preferred). Both Christians and Muslims who had received copies liked having Holy Scriptures in their language. For unforeseen reasons, however, the project stalled, and they contacted Bibles International for assistance with finishing their Bible. Confirming that they were willing to undergo BI training and apply BI’s proven translation methods, even to the work which they had already accomplished, the BI Admin adopted the Muslim Tat New Testament project in 2022.

The Muslim Tat New Testament project was the focus of the 2023 Harvest Dinner. To view the video, click here. God has already brought in over half of the funds needed to complete their first New Testament.

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