Taisun New Testament

  • Location: Myanmar
  • Target Completion Date: 2028

The Taisun people live in the Falam Township in the Chin state of Myanmar along the Indian border and number about 9,000. Ninety percent of adults can read Taisun. Although schools began to teach Taisun to the lower grades in 2009, only 10% of those under age 12 can read the language. Among the Taisun people, 70% profess Christianity and comprise a total of 29 churches and fellowships in the area.

The gospel came to the Taisun people around 1927 when a young man heard the gospel while away from his village. Saved and baptized that same year, he returned home and eagerly shared the gospel with his wife. She also received Christ and was baptized in 1930. Unable to keep the good news quiet, the couple evangelized their community, and the gospel eventually spread to the entire village.

Unfortunately, the Taisun people must rely on a variety of Bibles and New Testaments from languages other than their own. The lack of consistency and reliability when studying the Scriptures prompted them to make a request to Bibles International Myanmar Society that BI and BIMS adopt the Taisun New Testament project. The chairman of the translation committee explained, "Since there is no Taisun Bible yet, everyone uses different translations, and it makes [an] inconvenience for people in sharing and studying God's Word together."

For this reason, Bibles International adopted the Taisun New Testament project in December 2016, and workshops began in 2017 with the Taisun translators, Esther Sung and Ezra Lian. Highly motivated by the desire for a good, reliable, accurate Bible translation, the translators printed trial editions of John and James in 2020.

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