How can I get involved?

When you think of Bibles International you probably think of Greek and Hebrew experts. We have a lot of those and if you are one, we would love to have you help; but there are many other kinds of people and ministries needed as well. We can use people with backgrounds in biblical languages, English/journalism/technical writing/communication, education, computer science/engineering/information technology, theology, Bible translation, linguistics or TESOL/ESL, as well as fluent speakers of French or Spanish.

What are the goals of a BI internship?

We seek to:

  • Expose you to the wide range of ministries at Bibles International
  • Give you a vision for overseas ministry
  • Help you know God's will
  • Enable you to make a significant contribution to the work of Bible translation

What are the types of internships?


Analyze languages for the purpose of helping translate Scripture more consistently.


Develop tools to aid in Bible translation work and help in accuracy checking. Assist consultants in their checking work.


Develop primers and train teachers to help nationals read the Scripture.

Scripture Use

Develop materials to promote the understanding, use, and study of Scripture.


Develop software to help in accuracy of checking of Scripture and improve overall efficiency of the translation process, as well as create materials for translations.

What is required for an internship?

Time Frame

Most of the interns at Bibles International need at least some level of training by BI personnel in order to be beneficial or profitable. For this reason we generally only accept interns who can dedicate a minimum of 4 weeks. Internships can last up to a year.


Many of our internships can be done completely at our offices in Grand Rapids. Some require an overseas trip; others can be tailored to include one if you so desire.


None of the internships are paid positions. The cost varies according to where you are going. Please contact the Grand Rapids office for details.

For more information

To get more information and/or arrange for an interview to discuss where you would best fit in our internship program, contact us at [email protected] or at 616.942.7712.