I Will Build My Church

"I'm burdened for the underpinnings of our culture, our eroding foundations and structural cracks. Like you, I've studied the signs of the times and believe we're approaching a global cataclysm – one predicted in our Scriptures and unfolding before our eyes." This comment was made by author and pastor, Dr. David Jeremiah, in the introduction of his new book, Where Do We Go From Here? This new Bible prophecy book was written in light of the events that are transpiring around us. This is not necessarily an endorsement of his book, but the author certainly addresses the escalating changes of our current culture and attempts to infuse hope into the minds of his readers regarding biblical prophecy and its link to the chaos around us.

One might describe this momentum of change on a global scale as near-cataclysmic. Change is rapidly spiraling to a whole new level with economic instability, political socialism, pandemic fears, prophetic globalism, social media, and the alarming state of the church. However, as we see change occurring at a disturbing rate, the world searches for something that is dependable, unchanging, stable, assuring, and hopeful. Therefore, the purpose for Bibles International has never been more essential. Our ministry exists "to advance Christ's church through reliable Bible translation; supported by literacy, training, and publishing services; in worldwide partnership with individuals, churches, agencies, and institutions of like purpose and faith." We celebrate our 40th anniversary this year by partnering with the church so that hope can be provided through the unchanging, translated Word of God. Stability is found in the promises of God’s truth.

We thank God for His persistent faithfulness, sovereignty, and immutability in this vacillating and unpredictable culture. His unchanging character abides as a steadfast and unshakable rock. God never changes and He is always in control. The "prince of preachers," Charles Spurgeon, once said, "The sovereignty of God is the pillow upon which you lay your head." With that kind of calming assurance, the child of God is able to rest in spite of circumstances that seem to be out of control. The promises of God are dependable.

One promise that the Lord Jesus made in Matthew 16:18 was "... I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

There is no near-cataclysmic state in our world that can hinder the promises of God. The Head of the church, the Lord Jesus Christ, will indeed complete what He began. He will build His church, and nothing that His enemy, Satan, throws at Him will hinder that work from being accomplished. "The gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Nothing, including death itself, can overpower or exercise force against the work of Christ building His church. Moreover, in Acts 19:20, we are told that as the early church was being built, the Word of God grew mightily and prevailed. God’s Word prevailed (overpowered or exercised force to accomplish a great work) as it grew mightily. Christ uses His Word to build His church. That is why it is so essential that, by God’s grace, His Word is translated into the heart language of the millions who still wait.

On this anniversary, as we give God glory for the last 40 years of ministry, we recommit ourselves to work in partnership with our Savior who promised to build His church. We ask Him to use us as we labor to translate the Scriptures so that every tribe, tongue, people, and nation might read the good news of the gospel and be transformed by God’s Holy Spirit. With tenacity, faith, and determination, we will follow our Savior as He builds His church.