Is All the Work Worth It? (Part 2)

It was the year 2000 when we first entered the country to train translators for three languages. God would add the Falam to our agenda at that time. They were diligent in their work, so we had a hard time keeping up the consultant checks. In 2009, we had the pleasure of being at the dedication of the Falam New Testament. Now their whole Bible was completed. The Falam had seven different dedications. As I walked into the church for the service, I was surprised by the large attendance. The singing and preaching were great. I was asked to speak a few words. I reminded everyone that Ross's hands could be seen on every page, and I challenged them to use their Bibles. I wanted to see their Bibles well-worn.

When my husband, Ross, was diagnosed with cancer, we had prayed that we could complete three language projects. The completed Tenek NT in Mexico was dedicated in December 2017. The Akha NT in Thailand was dedicated in November 2018, and the Falam Chin Bible in Myanmar was dedicated in December 2018. Ross did not live to see them dedicated. However, I did, and we praise God that He answers prayer!

Is all the work worth it? YES!