Adopt-a-Language/Team Adopt-a-Language

Adopt-a-Language is a program for individuals and churches to underwrite an entire translation project or a portion of one. Churches often express a desire to help with the translation process of particular languages, and the BI Adopt-a-Language program has been created for that purpose. Adopting a project allows a church to have a direct relationship with the people group by channeling funds into producing Scripture for those people.

We also have the Team Adopt-a-Language program. This exciting program allows your church to partner with other churches to adopt one of the BI projects so that you meet the financial needs together. This pursuit strengthens local churches and unifies a fellowship because of this common ministry goal in some part of the world.

Bibles International will offer a proposal for your consideration, identifying a language project, and presenting a projected budget for that project. The budget will include the expense of providing training and equipment, creating literacy materials, publishing an initial Scripture portion, and ultimately publishing the New and Old Testaments.

BI's average cost for the printing and shipping of one New Testament is $5.25. With a monthly gift of $21.00, you will help BI provide four New Testaments for the language you adopt, each one making an eternal impact.

Would you consider how you might partner with us in adopting one of our Bible translation projects? Bibles International will be responsible for management, consultation, quality control, printing, and publishing. Upon request, you will receive periodic updates that summarize the progress being made on that translation. Click on the links below to learn more. Thank you for partnering with us as you Adopt-a-Language translation project.

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