Highlighted Projects

These projects have a financial need as they enter the printing phase.

2021 S K Naa 18
Sara Kaba Naa Bible

The Sara Kaba Naa people live primarily in southwestern Chad with a few thousand residing in the Central African Republic. They number between 35,000 and 39,000, with 74% professing Christianity, 28% of whom

2014 Falam Town 5
Falam Chin Bible Rev.
The Falam Chin people reside in and around the city of Falam, the former capital of Chin State (1892-1965), which can be found in a township of the same name. The Falam Chin-speakers in Myanmar number about 69,000,
2012 Patris 8
Patris Bible Revision

The Patris (pah-treess') people (a pseudonym) number approximately 80,000, with 98% of the population professing Christianity today. Although the gospel arrived among the Patris people around 1900

2021 Waali 4
Waalii Bible
The Waala people live in the Upper West region of Ghana and number approximately 85,000, with only 3% of the population professing Christianity and 1.5% of those claiming to be evangelical. In 1993, 30% of the Waala

These projects are complete. Celebrate with them at their dedication.

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Falam Chin Bible
Dagba Dedication 88
Dagba New Testament
Songhay New Testament
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Tagalog New Testament