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These projects have a financial need as they enter the printing phase.

Zomi 1
Zomi Bible

The Tedim Chin (recently known as Zomi) people originated in a hill region among the townships of the Chin State of Myanmar and currently number about 411,000 worldwide. About 256,000 reside in Myanmar, while most of the

Rhema 1
Rhema Bible

The Rhema people (a pseudonym) dwell among the deep green valleys, picturesque hills, and lush verdant fields of the eastern Himalayan mountains. One of the well-known sub-tribes of a vast Asian community, the Rhema

2011 S Madjingay 10
Sara Madjingay Bible

The Sara Madjingay (Sar) people reside in the southwestern region of Chad and number about 183,000. Although 91% of the population profess Christianity, 32% of whom claim to be evangelical, animism and Muslim beliefs

2019 S K Deme 14
Sara Kaba Dem Bible

The Dem people reside in the Guerea and Moyen-Chari regions of Chad. Numbering about 40,000 people, 70% profess Christianity, 39% of whom claim to be evangelical. Of the remaining population, 25% participate in animism,

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Falam Chin Bible
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Dagba New Testament
Songhay New Testament
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Tagalog New Testament