Highlighted Projects

These projects have a financial need as they enter the printing phase.

Mnema SQ
Mnema Bible

The Mnema (mnay’-mah) people (a pseudonym) reside in Asia and number about 1,760,000 with 20,000 professing Christianity. According to the 2011 census, Christianity closely follows the national religion, while other

Sango 1
Sango Bible (Revision)

In 1920, when Baptist Mid-Missions began to minister in what would become the Central African Republic, no written language existed for the Sango. Only the French Bible, primarily used by the Catholics, was available to the tribal

Zomi 1
Zomi Bible

The Tedim Chin (recently known as Zomi) people originated in a hill region among the townships of the Chin State of Myanmar and currently number about 411,000 worldwide. About 256,000 reside in Myanmar, while most of the

Rhema 1
Rhema Bible

The Rhema people (a pseudonym) dwell among the deep green valleys, picturesque hills, and lush verdant fields of the eastern Himalayan mountains. One of the well-known sub-tribes of a vast Asian community, the Rhema

These projects are complete. Celebrate with them at their dedication.

Is all this 2
Akha New Testament
Dagba Dedication 88
Dagba New Testament
Is all this 3
Falam Chin Bible
Songhay New Testament