Lifeline Partners

Because Millions Still Wait

More than 200 million people representing nearly 4,000 languages have no portion of the Bible in their heart language. Over 1 billion people are still waiting for a complete Bible in their mother tongue.

The spiritual hunger in these places is real – and it is a picture from which we cannot look away! Bibles International is passionately committed to the critical mission of bringing God's Word to "every nation, and kindred, and people, and tongue…" (Rev. 7:9).

Will you help us? Lifeline Partners play a critical role in the ministry of Bibles International. Though special one-time gifts are invaluable to the completion of many BI projects, it is the sustaining gifts of Lifeline Partners that keep these projects moving forward through the long process of a complete translation.

What is a Lifeline Partner? It is a network of supporters who demonstrate their personal commitment to the critical mission of Bible translation through a regular financial investment (monthly, quarterly, annually) to the ministries of BI.

Lifeline Partners designate their ongoing gifts to the Lifeline Fund, which is dedicated to projects "where needed most" at the time of the gift.

Lifeline Partners help BI establish a predictable and sustaining support base from which to budget and fulfill our vision as a Bible translation ministry.

Click here to give to the Lifeline Fund (a sub-fund under BI General).

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