Introducing Rosie

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In 2022, Rosie Z. joined BMM/BI as a short-term missionary, planning for long-term association with BI. In 2023, Rosie was appointed as a missionary under Baptist Mid-Missions’ Global Fit program. Rosie is working on gaining full support so that she can begin her full-time consulting work with BI. She recently participated in a workshop in Eurasia, working with the Muslim Tat people, under the supervision of BI’s chief language consultant. Once she has gained full support, Rosie will be a consultant in training, working with the Muslim Tat project and one other project yet to be determined. Not long after her appointment to BMM, Rosie Z. became Rosie Go., married to Josue, who works in a local hospital and hopes to enter medical school in 2024. Pray for Rosie and Josue as they look to the Lord for His direction in their future ministry. In the meantime, Rosie will continue to work from home and travel to Eurasia to be with the Muslim Tat people as they are ready for translation workshops.