Invest your assets in a ministry that will impact the world for eternity. While there are many worthy causes in which you could choose to invest your resources, a gift to Bibles International to help the work of Bible translation has the distinctive advantage of impacting language groups for generations to come. Please click the Give button to donate. Thank you for partnering with us to impact the world one language at a time.

Bibles International (BI) is the Bible Society of Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM). All BI gifts will be processed at the home office of Baptist Mid-Missions, in Cleveland, OH, and designated to Bibles International as requested. Below are links to the BMM website, if you desire to learn more. Thank you for investing in the ministry of Bible translation and literacy.

The following are special program options for investing into BI’s Bible translation ministry:

Bible Day HZ
Bible Day
Memorial SQ
Living Legacies
Lifeline SQ
Lifeline Partners
Adopt SQ

Sara Kaba Dem Bible

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Asho Chin & Long Phuri Naga Appeal

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