Pray For Us

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Please pray for our current highlighted needs, our quarterly requests in our Prayer Guide, and our language projects.

Prayer Guide

January - March 2023

Anywhere With Jesus I Can Safely Go

One of the older hymns says: “Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go.” Although many of us have sung this hymn, how many of us truly believe those words? Recently, a BI consultant and another BMM missionary had an opportunity to test their reality.

In October, Glenn K. and Scott W. left the USA for their planned ministries in Chad, expecting to arrive there without problems. Glenn had heard there was unrest within the country, but the government was negotiating with those involved.

After their arrival in Chad, a driver they knew from other trips warned them that they should be careful about leaving the guesthouse. The next morning, when they left to get breakfast, they discovered things were calm. Later during the day, however, major protests shook the capital city and other cities throughout Chad. Casualties were reported throughout the country. Glenn and Scott were unable to get the bus tickets they needed as the bus stations were closed. They would have to spend another day in the city.

As they waited to be allowed to leave the city, a 6 pm curfew was instituted. However, they were allowed to leave the city on a delayed schedule the next day, even though military personnel were obvious. The 14+ hour bus trip had a late start and would not reach its ultimate destination before 6 pm. When they arrived in Koumra, the bus encountered the military. Though they were only two hours from their ultimate destination, they could not go on. The bus was stopped! There was no hotel, no guesthouse, only a bus on which to spend the night. By Glenn’s own admission, he can usually sleep anywhere. That was not the case inside the bus. The heat was terrible. Some of the Chadians exited the bus, sleeping on the ground – apparently without fear of snakes or scorpions.

The next morning, the trip resumed at 5:30. It was a welcome sight to reach their final destination two hours later. The Lord had safely led them there in spite of the political turmoil.


Project Requests

1. Joshua H. conducting workshops with the Day in Chad in January and March.

2. Glenn K. meeting with the Sara Madjingay in January.

3. Naocha S. working with the Chairo January 16-27 and March 20-31.

4. Kim H. meeting with the Patris in Asia in January.

5. Lun H. working with the Rhema in Asia in February – March.

6. Bethany B. conducting literacy teacher training online with the Asho Chin in January.

7. Daniel G. meeting with the Pente online in January and February.

8. Ron W. working with the Dagaare online in February.

9. Ron W. meeting with the Waalii online in February.

10. Anna Beth W. working with the Sara Kaba Naa in February and March.

11. Bethany B. conducting linguistics translator training with the Asho Chin online in January.

12. Bethany B. conducting linguistics translator training with the Zotung Chin online in January. Hadessah B. will work with them later in Myanmar on their dictionary, with Laura G. joining online.

13. Hadessah B. meeting with the Asho Chin in Myanmar for primer teacher training, Laura G. joining online.

14. Hadessah B. meeting with the Goga in Myanmar to work on their Old Testament story book.

15. Hadessah B. meeting with the Long Phuri Naga in Myanmar to work on their primer, with Rosanna P. joining online.

16. Hadessah B. meeting with the Uppu Chin in Myanmar for Old Testament story book teacher training, with Rosanna P. and Laura G. joining online.

17. Troy M. and Rosie Z. working with the Metanoia in Eurasia, February 20 – March 3.

18. Troy M., Rosie Z., and Jim W. conducting a workshop with the Muslim Tat in Eurasia, February 6 – 17.

19. Jim W. working with the Ngam in Chad in March.

20. Isaiah P. meeting with the Tenek in Mexico in March.

21. Rosanna P. will do literacy follow-up with the Quechua in March.

22. Daniel G. meeting with the Krupto in Asia in March.

23. Kim H. will conduct a workshop with the Falam Chin in Asia in March.

24. Hye Ree P. working with the Hakha Chin in Myanmar, March 6-17.


25. Thank the Lord for the blessing of the Harvest Dinner held in Grand Rapids and for the funds that were received and pledged to fully fund the publication of the Sara Madjingay Bible.

26. Praise the Lord that our people are able to do in person workshops and other meetings in Myanmar for the first time in over two years. (in spite of the unrest there)!

27. Thank the Lord for the excellent literacy classes that were held in Cusco, Peru, and for the great excitement among the Quechua people.

28. Praise the Lord for the recordings of some of our translations that are being used on cell phones around the world.

General Request

29. Pray for people to fill our need for more missionary staff: additional translation and literacy consultants, projects management, and especially for an Advancement Manager and a Finance & Operations Manager.

30. Pray for our two newest missionaries who are raising their support: Bethany I. and Rosie Z.

31. Pray that the financial needs for our translation projects will be supplied.