Pray For Us

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Please pray for our current highlighted needs, our quarterly requests in our Prayer Guide, and our language projects.

Prayer Guide

October - December 2022

Absent From the Body; Present With the Lord

Many of us at Bibles International in Grand Rapids will remember the evening of June 2, 2022, when we had the joy of being together at the Cropsey family farm outside of DeWitt, Michigan, to celebrate the retirement of Dave and Nancy Cropsey. After years of service with another mission, Dave and Nancy came to Baptist Mid-Missions to serve at BI in July 2011.

In November 2021, Dave suffered a debilitating stroke. He and Nancy worked daily to overcome his deficits. Nancy felt that Dave was making good progress and was so thankful for it. In spite of that, Dave was heard to say that evening that he would like “to go home to be with Jesus.”

Dave seemed to enjoy the retirement get together, smiling and laughing as he listened to his siblings sharing memories of years past. In addition to his siblings who joined us for the evening, there were also fellow church members and friends. Those of us who attended the retirement celebration left rejoicing that we had been a part of this event. We could not have imagined what the Lord had planned for Dave in the upcoming days.

On Sunday morning, June 5, the Lord chose to take Dave out of the arms of his loving spouse and into His own arms at heaven’s gates. His wife, Nancy, his four children, and his 17 grandchildren, along with his colleagues at Bibles International, feel Dave’s absence acutely. Those in countries around the world where he served so faithfully also mourn his loss – Central African Republic, Chad, France, South Africa, and the USA. “His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord” (Matthew 25:23).


Project Requests

1. Joe V. and Bryan M. meeting with the Dagaare and Waalii in Ghana and the Kaowlu and Neao in Côte d’Ivoire in October.

2. Glenn K. as he attends the dedication of the Sango Bible in Central African Republic this fall.

3. Anna Beth W. working with the Sara Kaba Dem in Chad in October and December.

4. Glenn K. working with the Sara Madjingay in Chad in September.

5. Glenn K. and Stephanie H. meeting with the Luxembourgish online, October – December.

6. Cathy H. meeting online with the Tenek in October.

7. Bethany B. and Hadessah B. working on primer revision and orthography with the Choros in Asia in October.

8. Laura G. working on literacy with the Krupto in Asia in October.

9. Jonathan V. working on the Old Testament storybook with the Riza in Asia, October – November.

10. Lun H., Bethany B., and Hadessah B. working on the Sideros Old Testament storybook and teacher training in Asia in October.

11. Chris P. meeting the Zotung Chin online on Mondays and with the Rvwang online on Fridays, October – December.

12. Hye Ree P. meeting with the Akha in Asia, October 17-28.

13. Ron W. working with the Dagaare and Waalii in Ghana in November.

14. Glenn K. and Susan H. meeting with the Dendi, Glenn online in October and Susan in Benin in November.

15. Joshua H. working with the Day and Jim W. working with the Ngam in Chad in November.

16. Anna Beth W. meeting with the Sara Kaba Naa in Chad in November.

17. Isaiah P. meeting with the Tenek in Mexico in November.

18. Naocha S. and Bethany B. working on an Easter chronology with the Chairo in Asia in November.

19. Bethany B. and Hadessah B. working on a writers’ handbook and dictionary with the Isotes in Asia in November.

20. Kim H. meeting with the Patris in Asia in November.

21. Hung K. working with the Asho Chin and Lian K. working with the Bualkhaw Chin in Asia in November.

22. Hye Ree P. meeting with the Hakha Chin in Asia in November.

23. Cathy H. meeting with the Akha online in November.

24. Jim W. working with the Sara Madjingay in Chad in December.

25. Isaiah Peterson working with the Haitian Creole, November 30 – December 23.

26. Dan G. meeting with the Krupto online, November 1 – December 20.

27. Kim H. working on an Old Testament storybook and teacher training with the Falam Chin in Asia in December.


28. Thank the Lord for a successful consultant seminar.

29. Praise the Lord that missionaries and staff were blessed as they attended the annual meeting and retreat off campus. We were challenged by messages brought by Dr. Daniel Davey on the book of Romans.

30. Give thanks that Bethany I. successfully completed the Baptist Mid-Missions candidate class and is now an appointee to Bibles International.

General Request

31. Pray for appointee Bethany I. and short-termer Rosie Z. as they begin raising their support.