Pray For Us

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Please pray for our current highlighted needs, our quarterly requests in our Prayer Guide, and our language projects.

Prayer Highlights

January 14, 2022

1. Thank the Lord for the leadership strategic plan retreat this past week. Thank the Lord that much was accomplished.

2. Thank the Lord that the Mnema* Bible in Roman script has been sent to the publisher.

3. The publisher we are using for the Mnema* Bible is new to us. Pray they will do a good job.

4. Continue to ask the Lord for new candidates for BMM and BI for the 2022 class in July.

5. Praise the Lord that Michael and Julie Carlyle will be joining BI, transferring from their ministry in Cambodia. Michael will serve as the Scripture Engagement Department manager. Pray as they transition into this ministry.

6. Thank the Lord for progress in the health of some who have retired from BI and are facing health challenges. Pray they will continue to make progress. Pray especially for Eric E. and David C.

7. Continue to pray for those living in difficult circumstances in Haiti and Myanmar. Conditions have not improved in either country. Nevertheless, those involved in the translation ministry in those two countries continue to seek to serve in spite of the challenges they face.

8. Pray for director Tim F. and wife Sandy, and Joshua H. as they travel to Chad. Joshua will have a workshop with the Day-speaking people. Tim will be meeting with national office workers and doing other administrative work while there. Pray the Lord will use this time for His glory.

9. Continue to pray for those who are raising support. Ryan and Amparo P. now have 38% of their support. Ron and Terri W. have 72%. Caleb and Rebekah W. have 40%. Esdras Borges is just beginning the process. Ask the Lord to help each one of the missionary units as they travel, seeking to build teams with whom they can collaborate.

10. Ask the Lord to give good Internet connections to those who are working online to hold workshops they would hold in person were it not for COVID restrictions.


Prayer Guide

January - March 2022

Forty Years of Blessings

As many of you know, Bibles International came into existence in July 1981. In light of that fact, BI personnel spent the year of 2021 rejoicing in our 40th anniversary. It proved to be a real encouragement to review God's blessings to us throughout the past 40 years.

As we reviewed the highlights - and, yes, the challenges - it was wonderful to have some who have known about BI for years join with us in the celebration. By God's good hand, we had the privilege of having President Emeritus Vernon Rosenau write an article relating to the origination of this organization. It was one of his last ministries before the Lord took him home. We are thankful to have this lasting memento of history.

President Emeritus Gary Anderson also shared his perspective on the commencement of BI. As a young pastor serving in Pennsylvania, he met and came to appreciate Rev. Paul Versluis, who would ultimately launch BI. Dr. Anderson had the opportunity to witness a few dedication events and saw the excitement when nationals pressed their copy of God’s Word to their chest, so thrilled that "God knew their language." The Harvest Dinner in October gave us the opportunity to rejoice at what God has done throughout the past four decades.

Our annual meeting and retreat at the Shack gave us an occasion as a team to revel in God's wonderful provision throughout the years. Enjoying good music, wonderful fellowship, and godly messages presented to us by Dr. Patrick Odle, BMM president, and Mr. David Ferguson, 2nd Vice President, fed us spiritually, and we were also being fed physically by staff members at the Shack.

Although there were times of great challenges, we could not help but rejoice at poignant memories of God's blessings on our organization. Truly, we echo the hymnist, "Great is Thy Faithfulness!"


Project Requests

1. Joshua H. working with the Day in Chad in January.

2. Glenn K. and Jim W. working with the Ngam in Chad in January.

3. Anna Beth W. meeting with the Sara Kaba Naa in Chad for a workshop in January.

4. Glenn K. and Stephanie H. meeting with the Luxembourgish online weekly, January – March.

5. Ron W. working with the Waalii in February online.

6. Naocha S. meeting with the Chairo in Asia, January 24-February 4.

7. Jonathan V. meeting with the Rhema in Asia, January 5-19.

8. Chris P. meeting with the Rvwang online on Thursdays, January-March.

9. Hung K. and Joel W. working with the Zomi on line January-March.

10. Chris P. meeting with the Zotung Chin online on Mondays, January-March.

11. Joshua H. working with the Day in late February – early March in Chad.

12. Anna Beth W. and Tim and Sandy F. meeting with the Sara Madjingay in Chad in February.

13. Hye Ree P. working with the Haitian Creole, January 31-February 11.

14. Lun H. working with the Rhema in Asia, January 3-13.

15. Naocha S. will be meeting with the Rhema in Asia, February 21- March 4.

16. Dan G. working with the Pente online checking the Gospel of John, January 11 - February 25, and beginning again on March 28.

17. Naocha S. and Sana S. meeting with the Chairo in Asia in March and April.

18. Dan G. working with the Krupto in Asia checking the Gospel of Mark, March 7-18.

19. Hye Ree P. meeting with the Hakha Chin, March 18-April 1.

20. Troy M. working with the Metanoia, March 7-18.

21. Anna Beth W. meeting with the Sara Kaba Dem for a workshop in March.

22. Joshua H. working with the Ngam in late February - early March in Chad.

23. Pray for consultants in Asia as they train a new Chairo OT translator in January and February.

General Requests

24. Pray as we consider starting up the Warao OT project again.

25. Pray for effective solutions to finishing the Phyle NT. There remain only two books to be checked.

26. Pray for the Metanoia NT project, as they are experiencing opposition to their script choices.

27. Pray for the Tenek OT translation team as they begin work on this project.


28. Thank the Lord that the Chad field has opened up, resulting in three in-person workshops recently.

29. Praise the Lord that there are at least five contacts interested in doing BI internships this summer.

30. Thank the Lord that the Tenek OT translator training went well.

31. Praise the Lord that Daniel G. graduated from the BI mentorship program.