Pray For Us

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Please pray for our current highlighted needs, our quarterly requests in our Prayer Guide, and our language projects.

Prayer Highlights

May 19, 2022

1. Pray for Doug K, our IT consultant. He has learned that the tumor removed from his brain last month was malignant. Pray for him and his family as they move forward with decisions and treatment.

2. Pray for our director and his wife, Tim and Sandy F, as they travel and teach in Malta. Ask the Lord to use them and provide safety for them while they are there.

3. Thank the Lord that He provided stable Internet connections for a linguistics workshop with the Hakha Chin in Myanmar.

4. Thank the Lord that Bethany Ingram passed her doctrinal questioning when she met the BMM council members recently. Bethany plans to serve as a Scripture translation consultant with BI after meeting the remainder of her requirements to serve.

5. Pray for a couple who will be meeting with the BMM council members in a few weeks to defend their doctrinal statement. They are looking forward to serving with BI in the Advancement department.

6. Thank the Lord that the first audio BI Scripture app has been created for the Warao of Venezuela. It is the Gospel of John. Pray the Lord will use it to touch many hearts.

7. The Mnema and Matu Scriptures are waiting to be printed, but a paper shortage is causing delay. Pray this will be resolved and the Scriptures will soon be available to these two people groups.

8. Pray for many from our ministry who are traveling for the ministry. Ask the Lord to keep them safe, provide for their needs, and use them to touch hearts for Him.

9. Pray for missionaries caring for family members who have health or other special needs.

10. Continue to pray for those who are raising support. Ryan and Amparo P have 47%. Ron and Terri W have 95%. Caleb and Rebekah W have 70%. Esdras Borges will soon begin this process.

Prayer Guide

April - May 2022

Perplexed, But Not in Despair

For those of us living in the Western World, things we see going on around us perplex us. However, we do not face the struggles that some believers face in other countries in which we seek to translate God’s Word. Two countries in particular come to mind. In these two countries, people are experiencing great distress due to living conditions, political unrest, and criminal activity.

A translation workshop was recently held in Haiti via Zoom. During this time, Pastor Daniel traveled back and forth between his home and the church he pastors. However, doing so was not easy. Demonstrations took place, making it advisable to stay in one’s home. Parents kept children away form school because traveling back and forth was too risky. Food and other staples are difficult to find; when found, they are so expensive it is difficult to pay for them. Banditry and kidnappings have increased with exorbitant amounts of ransom demanded. Recently, a deacon died trying to protect his wife from kidnapping in front of their church. No one knows what happened to the wife.

In SE Asia, where we have been working with twelve translation projects, conditions that were already challenging due to COVID and other problems suddenly deteriorated about a year ago due to a military coup. They are experiencing great loss of life due to lack of health care and other deprivations. While some are attempting to carry on their translation work, it is dangerous for them to leave their homes. Some must stay inside in order to guard them from the military trying to destroy or burn their property and livestock. Other have lost everything, fleeing into the forest or across the border into neighboring countries. Please join us in praying for these two countries in particular, that with Word of God may have free course.

“We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.” (2 Cor. 4:8).


Project Requests

1. Glenn K. and Stephanie H. meeting with the Luxembourgish online weekly, April-June. Glenn K. will be in Luxembourgh April 2-9.

2. Sana S. working with the Chairo, Mar 28-Apr 8.

3. Latoungam R. meeting with the Isotes, Apr 25-May 6.

4. Kim H. working with the Patris in April and June.

5. Lun H. working with the Rhema every workday in April and June.

6. Jonathan V. meeting with the Riza in April.

7. Chris P. meeting with the Rvwang online on Fridays, April-June.

8. Hung K. and Joel W. working with the Zomi online April-June.

9. Chris P. meeting with the Zotung Chin online on Mondays, April-June.

10. Hye Ree P. meeting with the Akha, April 4-20.

11. Daniel G. meeting with the Pente online, Mar 28-May 31.

12. Ron W. working with the Dagaare and the Wa in Ghana in May.

13. Glenn K. and Jim W. working with the Ngam in Chad, May 25-June 14.

14. Anna Beth W. meeting with the Sara Madjingay in Chad in May.

15. Cathy H. working with the Tenek in Maine, May 2-13.

16. Isaiah P. training the Tenek Read-and-Review Committee, May 23-27.

17. Naocha S. meeting with the Chairo in Asia, May 23-June 3.

18. Lun H. (May 9-13) and Latoungam R. (May 16-27) working with the Rhema.

19. Bethany B. and Hye Ree P. working with the Hakha Chin online, May 2-13.

20. Susan H. working with the Dendi in Benin in June.

21. Hadessah B.along with several interns working with the Mbum-Nzakambay, June 27-July 1.

22. Latoungam R. meeting with the Choros, June 6-17, and the Isotes, June 27-July 8.

23. Cathy H. working with the Akha in June.

General Requests

24. Pray for the seven interns who plan to spend time at BI this summer. Ask the Lord to make His will clear to them. Pray also for their support.

25. Pray for a smooth transition for Michael and Julie C. as they wrap up their work in Cambodia in order for Michael to join BI as Scripture Engagement Manager.

26. Pray for Doug K., our computer consultant, who has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor.


27. Thank the Lord that Ryan and Amparo P. had the opportunity to visit Thailand in February on a survey trip.

28. Thank the Lord that the literacy team was able to connect online with the Long Phuri Naga in Myanmar concerning their primer. This was the first opportunity to connect with them since this project was adopted in 2020.

29. Thank God there are almost 70 contacts interested in knowing more about BI and that over 30 of them are seriously considering joining BI someday.

30. Thank God for two volunteers who developed a database to store our cross references, making changes in versification for the Sango Bible project a very smooth process.

31. Thank God that consultants in a country in Asia now have fiber Internet lines, greatly improving their ability to connect online with teams.