Pray For Us

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Please pray for our current highlighted needs, our quarterly requests in our Prayer Guide, and our language projects.

Prayer Highlights

January 15, 2021

1. Rejoice with Caleb and Rebekah W. as they welcome their third child, a little boy. Both the mama and the baby are doing well.

2. Thank the Lord for two men who volunteered their time updating the Grand Rapids office during the Christmas vacation. Painting has begun.

3. Praise the Lord for a good administrative group meeting last week. BMM Vice-President David Ferguson was able to join the Grand Rapids administrators.

4. Thank the Lord that three new Scripture portions are ready for Asia: 1 Samuel for the Sideros in Southeast Asia, Genesis and Ruth for the Bualkhaw in Myanmar, and Psalms and Proverbs for the Zomi in Myanmar. Ask the Lord to use these books for His glory among the respective groups they are going to reach.

5. Ask the Lord to call out many laborers into His harvest for BMM and for BI. Dr. Odle is praying for at least 20 candidates this year. Will you join him in praying?

6. Pray for Ron and Terri W. as they mourn the loss of Ron’s mother. We rejoice that she is at home with her Savior, but it is a loss for Ron and Terri.

7. Pray for Kim H. and Anna Beth W. as they travel visiting their churches and individual supporters. Ask the Lord to protect them as they travel alone during winter weather.

8. Continue to ask the Lord to make it possible for international travel to resume. Our consultants long to be back making face to face contact with those with whom they are working.

9. Pray the Lord will bring an end to the coronavirus if it would please Him.

10. Pray for those who are raising support. Pray for Ryan and Amparo P. and their boys who now have approximately 14% of their necessary support. Ron and Terri W. have 48%. Caleb and Rebekah W. and their three toddlers have 3% of their necessary support. Pray for them as they travel with three children two years of age and younger.

Prayer Guide

January - March 2021

100 Years of Faithfulness

On October 15, 1920, William Haas, pioneer missionary to French Equatorial Africa, along with a dozen Christian laymen and pastors, formed the forerunner of Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM), the General Council of Cooperating Baptist Missions of North America, Inc. On October 16, 2020, scores of BMM missionaries met to celebrate God’s faithfulness to their mission and themselves, delighting in reminiscing about hundreds of faithful missionaries who had gone before and are now with the Lord. It was also a night of celebrating the formal installation of BMM’s new president, Dr. Patrick Odle.

Why is this important to us at Bibles International (BI)? For two reasons: First, because BMM is BI’s parent organization with which we work closely. Secondly, because William Haas was BMM’s first Bible translator. Even in his early days in Africa, William Haas recognized the extreme importance of translating the Bible into the language of the people whom he sought to reach. Eventually, William began translating songs into the Sango language, and later, he translated parts of the New Testament.

In 1966, missionaries in Central African Republic were finally able to complete the translation of the entire Sango Bible. In early 2021, the revised Sango Bible will be sent to the printer for future distribution among Sango-speaking people.

Is it due to William Haas’ burden for Scripture translation that BMM formulated a new ministry to concentrate on Scripture translation around the world? As you may know, Bibles International was formed, albeit under a different name, the Baptist Mid-Missions Bible and Literature Society, in 1981.

Throughout BMM’s 100 years, God has been faithful to us. As new ministries have been added to this mission agency, and throughout the presidency of nine different men, God’s faithfulness has been repeatedly demonstrated. May we, His servants, demonstrate our faithfulness to Him.


Project Requests

1. Joshua H. leading a workshop with the Day in Chad in January.

2. Glenn K. and Jim W. working with the Ngam in Chad in January.

3. The Choros workshop in Asia with Angam R. in January.

4. Naocha S. meeting with the Mnema in Asia in January and February.

5. Alex W. working with the Rhema in Asia in January.

6. Jonathan V. working with the Riza in Asia in January and March.

7. Lun H. conducting a workshop with the Rhema in Asia in February and the Sideros in Asia in March.

8. Hye Ree P. helping the Hakha Chin in Myanmar in January.

9. Angam R. helping the Isotes team in Asia in February.

10. Glen K. meeting with the Luxembourgish in March.

11. Alex W. as he meets with the Teleo translation team in February.

12. Bethany B. and Claire H. leading a workshop with the Dagba, Day, Mbum-Nzakambay, and Sara Madjingay in Chad in February.

13. Taisun workshop with Joel W. in Myanmar in January and March.

14. Chris P. working with the Zotung Chin in Myanmar weekly online.

15. Hye Ree P. working with Akha in Thailand in February and Cathy H. meeting with them in March.

16. Joshua H. leading a workshop with the Dendi in March.

17. Troy M. meeting with the Metanoia in March.

18. Dan G. leading a workshop with the Pente in February and the Krupto in March and Laura G. working with Krupto for literacy in March as well.

19. Hung K. working with the Zomi in March.

General Requests

20. Ask the Lord for wisdom for Tosgatna, Chadian Literacy Coordinator, as he oversees all literacy projects in Chad.

21. Continue to pray for the Webbers, the Pennington family, and the Caleb Wagner family as they travel trying to raise support. Pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby for Caleb & Rebekah Wagner, and for God’s help as they travel on deputation with two toddlers and a newborn.

22. Ask the Lord for Director Tim Fink and the administrative group to have wisdom in planning

for a year in which COVID may still be present.

23. Continue to pray for wisdom as the Scripture Engagement Department begins to take shape.

24. Pray that borders will open for travel as South Asia, Myanmar, Peru and Eurasia are currently closed.

25. Pray for Anna W. and Kim H., missionaries on furlough, to have an effective time reporting to churches in spite of the restrictions.

26. Pray for effectiveness and creativity with language groups where in-person meetings are not currently possible.


27. Good online and in-person workshops with the Dendi in Benin, West Africa.

28. That BI personnel were able to travel to Ghana to teach OT translators.

29. The Lord continues to meet BI’s needs even through the pandemic.

30. That after 14 years of work, the revised Sango Bible will be going to the printer in early 2021. Satan did his best to thwart the work, but the Lord was victorious in the end.

31. That the revised Tagalog New Testament has been sent to the printer.