Pray For Us

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Please pray for our current highlighted needs, our quarterly requests in our Prayer Guide, and our language projects.

Prayer Highlights

May 7, 2021

1. Please join us in continuing to pray for our colleagues and dear friends in Myanmar. The atrocities continue there. Pray the Lord will provide courage, protection, food, and everything else they are in need of. Pray Christians will have opportunities to share the gospel with those who are living in terror and don’t know the Lord.

2. Pray for our Haitian Creole translator, Daniel T. His oldest child, who is 10-years-old, is mentally and physically challenged. She is non-verbal, but it is obvious to Daniel and his wife that their daughter is in pain or some type of distress. Pray for them as they care for her. She has recently been hospitalized but no conclusions regarding her health needs have been reached.

3. Continue to pray that the Lord would bring in new candidates for BMM and BI for this year. Ask Him to call many into the harvest field.

4. Thank the Lord that all those in the Grand Rapids office who were infected with COVID have recovered or are currently doing so.

5. Pray for colleagues in Southeast Asia who are currently infected with COVID.

6. Pray for some BI retirees who continue to volunteer who are facing health challenges.

7. Continue to pray for Ron and Terri W. who have recently moved to the Grand Rapids area and are looking for housing. Pray the Lord will lead them to the house of His choosing for them, a house that will be within their budget.

8. Pray for Kim Hibbard and Anna Beth Wivell who continue in furlough ministry. Thank the Lord for the safety He has given them. Pray He will continue to go before them as they travel.

9. Pray for the three missionary families from our office who are raising support. Ryan and Amparo P. and their three boys have approximately 32% of their support. Ron and Terri W. have approximately 56%. Caleb and Rebekah W. and their three toddlers have approximately 28%. Pray as Caleb and Rebekah sell their home and go on the road fulltime in a travel trailer with their babies in order to raise their support as quickly as possible.

10. Pray for one of our administrators, Joe and wife Bonnie V., as they travel to Florida to be with his parents. His step-father is receiving hospice care and Joe and Bonnie wish to help them.

Prayer Guide

April - June 2021

The Rosenau Legacy

On Christmas Day 2020, Bibles International lost a man who had championed their cause. Dr. Vernon Rosenau served as a third generation missionary in Central African Republic (CAR), later becoming the field representative for missionaries in Africa and Europe, and eventually president of our mission organization. He was always passionate about the work of Bibles International, speaking highly of it.
Vernon was a third-generation Baptist Mid- Missions (BMM) missionary, following in the footsteps of his grandparents, Ferd and Ina Rosenau, and Vernon’s father and mother, Eugene and Ernestine Rosenau, as well as his uncle and aunt, Bruce and Wilma Rosenau. Ferd was one of the earliest BMM missionaries in French Equatorial Africa, which later became Central African Republic (CAR) and Chad. Ferd, like other missionaries, quickly realized he needed to learn Sango. Those early missionaries not only studied the language and began speaking it, but they also had a heart to put it into a written form, so that the national people could begin to read their language. Not only did they begin translating parts of the Bible, but they also translated songs into Sango.
It soon became obvious to Eugene and Bruce and other missionaries that they must translate the entire Bible into the Sango language. The Sango New Testament was completed in 1932. Vernon shared that as a young boy, he often went to sleep listening to his parents and other members of the Sango Bible translation committee, reading aloud the text of the Sango Bible in order to proofread it. Eventually, the Bible in its entirety was published in 1966. It is said that Eugene spoke Sango as if he were native born. And when Bruce preached on a radio broadcast in CAR, people from all over the country listened to hear a white man speak their language as they did. With this background, is it any wonder that Vernon championed the cause of BI? We will miss his support and are grateful for his positive impact upon the work of BI..


Project Requests

1. Naocha S. meeting with the Chairo in Asia in April.

2. Lun H. conducting a workshop with the Rhema in Asia April 19-30.

3. Jonathan V. working with the Riza in Asia in April and June.

4. Angam R. helping the Teleo team in Asia April 5-16 and also in June.

5. Translator Training for the Asho Chin NT, Uppu Chin NT, and Zotung OT teams in Myanmar May 3-14.

6. Lian K. working with the Bualkhaw Chin in Myanmar in April.

7. Hye Ree P. meeting with the Haitian Creole May 17-28.

8. Angam R. working with the Isotes and the Rvwang in Asia in May.

9. Daniel G. working with the Pente in a restricted access nation in May.

10. Susan H. conducting a workshop with the Dendi in Benin June 7-17.

11. Hadessah B. working on a dictionary and Bethany B. doing linguistics work with the Choros, Isotes and Chairo in Asia in June.

12. Bethany B. and Hadessah B. working on Old Testament Storybook 3 with the Sideros in June.

General Requests

13. Pray God will protect and provide for His people and ministries in Myanmar during these days of political upheaval.

14. Ask the Lord to bring in His man to lead the Scripture Engagement Department at BI.

15. Continue to pray the Lord will call new missionary candidates for BMM and BI.

16. Pray the Lord will continue to comfort Dr. Vernon Rosenau’s widow and adult children following his

homegoing on Christmas morning 2020. His wife’s name is Jan; his children are Julie, Sam and Bill.

17. Pray for families who have lost loved ones due to COVID-19.

18. Ask the Lord to stop the spread of COVID-19, if it would please Him.

19. Pray for those in the Central African Republic, who are living in fear and depravation due to political unrest as a result of their last presidential election.

20. Pray for God’s guidance in preparing for three interns wanting to work with BI in the summer. Two of them want to travel overseas with us.

21. Pray for the Lord to send us someone to lead the Advancement Department.

22. Pray for the unrest in Haiti, as the opposition has named their own president.

23. Pray for Ron and Terri W. as they move to Grand Rapids where Ron will complete his training as a consultant, while raising the rest of their support.

24. Pray for Terri W., who will begin working as a part-time administrative assistant in the BI office.


25. Thank the Lord that the Revised Tagalog New Testament is printed.

26. Praise the Lord that two trial editions for Myanmar have been printed and are ready for distribution - Bualkhaw Chin and Zomi.

27. Thank the Lord for His provision of another printer for the Day (Chad) hymnbook.

28. Praise the Lord for volunteers and missionaries who are updating the paint in the office in Grand Rapids.

29. Thank the Lord that many workshops are continuing in spite of travel restrictions around the world. Thank Him that technology has worked well in most places.

30. The Harvest Highlight DVD has been greatly used of the Lord. Thank Him for this.

31. Thank the Lord that the Carltons have joined BI to serve as a Projects Coordinator.