Pray For Us

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Please pray for our current highlighted needs, our quarterly requests in our Prayer Guide, and our language projects.

Prayer Highlights

September 25, 2020

1. Pray for workshops that continue throughout the providential pause, a few face to face, but many through electronic means. Pray for clear understanding for those using electronic means, and that Internet connections will be good.

2. Thank the Lord that a sister organization wishes to create an audio version of the Metanoia Gospel of Mark.

3. Ask the Lord to bring in managers for the two departments that have no one to lead them at present.

4. Pray as administrators and staff plan for a night of praising God and celebrating His goodness to BMM throughout the past 100 years. The event is to be held October 16 at First Baptist Church in Elyria, Ohio.

5. Continue to pray for BMM’s retired president and his wife, Dr. Vernon and Jan Rosenau. His struggle with cancer is ongoing.

6. Pray the Lord would bring in candidates for Baptist Mid-Missions for the 2021 candidate classes. Pray He would direct some of them to Bibles International.

7. Pray as Hye Ree Park and Ron and Terri Webber hope to travel to Ghana, West Africa, next month. Pray borders will be open and that training for Old Testament translators might take place.

8. Pray for some of our retired missionaries who are facing health challenges.

9. Pray the Lord will use upcoming events, i.e., Bible Day and Harvest Highlight, for His purposes. BI hopes to use these events to emphasize the need for Bible translation, and to highlight specific projects in Asia.

10. Pray for our personnel who are seeking to raise their support. Ryan and Amparo Pennington and their three young boys have 7%. Ron and Terri Webber have 40%. And Caleb and Rebekah Wagner and their two toddlers are just beginning this process.

Prayer Guide

October - December 2020

COVID Blessings

While some may have experienced a relaxing of coronavirus restrictions, others have not. In at least one of the countries in which Bibles International is working, individuals are not allowed to leave their home except for a weekly trip to the grocery store. Understandably, those regulations are difficult. In spite of government mandates, God has been at work during the months since the coronavirus and its resulting lockdowns began. One of the men, who would normally be making an hour’s drive each way to the office, was among those obligated by the governor to stay at home. Because he was at home, he had the time to work with a young man, leading him in in-depth Bible studies. The young man is an immature believer, and seemed to grow greatly during these times of Bible study. In Peru, three thousand copies of the Quechua New Testament were purchased by a missionary for distribution among the Quechua people. God’s Word is reaching into homes that have never before had this precious commodity. And people in that country are being saved. Just recently three people made a profession of faith. They were reached remotely, since no church services are permitted there. Technical work has also been ongoing through these months. Bibles International now has an updated website. A training manual for the spon­sorship committee, the first ever of its kind, was created during this time. During the month of August, BI routinely plans and hosts a consultant seminar, and an annual meeting and retreat held at the Shack. In spite of the coronavirus, it was possible to hold these events again this year. God is not hampered by human restrictions, and we are so grateful for that. Please join us in praising Him that the “Providential Pause” has not hindered his work in Grand Rapids, or in other places in our world.


Pray for:

1. Anna Beth W. meeting with the Sara Kaba Naa in Chad, Oct. 5-16.

2. Naocha S. leading a workshop with the Inpui Naga in Asia in October.

3. Lun H. working with the Ranglong in Asia, Oct. 19-23.

4. The Tangkhul Naga workshop in Asia with Angam R., Oct. 26-30.

5. Alex W. meeting with the Rawang in Myanmar weekly online.

6. Daniel G. working with the Pente online in October.

7. Isaiah P. conducting an online workshop with the Haitian Creole, Nov. 30-Dec. 4, and 14-18.

8. Angam R. helping the Chiru in Asia, Nov. 2-6.

9. Naocha S. leading a workshop with the Manipuri in Asia in November.

10. Rathawi workshop with Jonathan V. in Asia, Nov. 9-20.

11. Lun H. working with the Hakha Chin in Myanmar, Nov. 2-13.

12. Joel W. meeting with the Taisun in Myanmar, Nov. 16-27.

13. Hye Ree P. meeting with the Akha in Thailand online, Nov. 8-19.

14. Troy M. leading a workshop with the Metanoia online in November.

15. Kim H. helping the Paite team in Asia in November.

16. Lun H. working with the Ranglong in Asia, Dec. 7-11.

17. Glenn K. as he meets weekly with the Luxembourgish translation team online.

18. Angam R. leading a workshop with the Tangkhul Naga in Asia Nov. 30-Dec. 11.

19. Lian K. meeting with the Bualkhaw Chin in Myanmar in December.

20. Joel W. leading a workshop with the Uppu Chin in Myanmar in December.

21. Pray as plans are being developed for a Scripture Engagement dept. Ask the Lord to give guidance as the beginning administration is established.

22. Ask the Lord to bless the Harvest Highlight, which will replace the annual Harvest Dinner this year due to COVID-19. Pray for the ongoing needs for Scripture translation in Southeast Asia which is the emphasis of the Harvest Highlight.

23. Continue to pray for Director Tim Fink and the administrative team as they seek to know the Lord’s will during these challenging days involving life with the coronavirus. Ask the Lord to make it clear when overseas travel may be safely resumed.

Praise God that:

24. Dr. Patrick Odle has begun his ministry as President of Baptist Mid-Missions.

25. Caleb and Rebekah Wagner and their two young children are now a part of Baptist Mid- Missions and Bibles International.

26. The COVID-19 shutdown permitted recent Bibles International appointees to complete academic courses.

27. The Consultant Seminar was very beneficial and granted blessings to those attending.

28. BI missionaries and staff benefited from the wonderful messages, testimonies, music, and fellowship at the Annual Meeting and Retreat, held at the Shack.

29. Consultant Jim W. earned his M.Div. Thank the Lord for this milestone reached.

30. A donor has given seven newer computers to Bibles International.

31. The Administrative Assistant in the Grand Rapids office who contracted COVID-19 has recovered