Pray For Us

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Please pray for our current highlighted needs, our quarterly requests in our Prayer Guide, and our language projects.

Prayer Highlights

July 31, 2020
  1. Pray as final preparations are being made for the consultant seminar. Pray the Lord will give health and safety as consultants arrive from various destinations throughout the US. Dates for this event are August 4-11.
  2. Pray for those who will be preparing meals for the consultant seminar participants since the individual who would have covered this responsibility is now ill.
  3. Pray as final preparations are made for the annual meeting to be held offsite August 12-14. Pray all anticipated attendees will arrive safely and in good health. Pray also that the Lord will use the speaker who will be sharing His Word with attendees.
  4. Thank the Lord for the fifty years of marriage He has allowed Dr. David and Nancy Cropsey to celebrate together. Dr. Cropsey is the Africa and Europe projects coordinator.
  5. Praise the Lord for a successful Haitian Creole workshop held over the past several weeks. This event occurred via Zoom technology. The Lord blessed, making it possible for them to cover many more verses than expected.
  6. Pray for two of our colleagues who anticipate very difficult circumstances in the upcoming days. Ask the Lord to do "exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think" (Eph. 3:20), as this husband and wife walk through these trials. Pray for family members who are experiencing the trials with them.
  7. Thank the Lord that Caleb and Rebekah Wagner successfully completed Baptist Mid-Missions' candidate classes earlier in July. They have been approved to serve with Bibles International, eventually ministering in Myanmar, once their support has been raised. Pray with them as they begin raising their support. Caleb and Rebekah have two young children. Pray the children adjust well to all the changes they will be experiencing in the next few years.
  8. Pray for one of our administrative assistants who has contracted COVID-19. She is recuperating at home, but is still quite ill.
  9. Pray for the Pente project. This is a relatively new project and is occurring in a challenging part of the world where Christianity is not viewed favorably. Thank the Lord that the read-and-review committee has been able to meet there for instruction in how to begin their part of the work related to this project. Pray, too, for people there negatively impacted by the coronavirus. Many are day laborers and work has been hard to find during this season.
  10. Pray for those raising support. Ryan and Amparo Pennington have had to cancel many meetings during the pandemic. They now have approximately 7% of their necessary support. Ron and Terri Webber have approximately 40% of their needed support. Pray, too, for Caleb and Rebekah Wagner as they will soon begin this process. The Penningtons and the Wagners have young children. Pray for the impact this process has/will have on their children.

Prayer Guide

July - September 2020

The Providential Pause

It is likely that none of us could have imagined experiencing a time such as the one in which we are living. At the time of this writing, most of the state of Michigan is still living under the governor’s declaration that we are to "stay home and stay safe." It's obvious that God has brought about a "providential pause" in the lives of many of us. Bibles International's office has been closed for approximately two months due to the COVID-19 virus. While many of us have continued to work from home, some things cannot be carried on from our homes. How are we to react during this time? There are several things that are obvious. We need to obey our governor's mandate. In 1 Peter 2:13, 14 we are told to obey those in power over us. Whether or not we agree with him/her, we are commanded to obey him/her. And we are to pray for him/her, as we are commanded in 1 Timothy 2:2. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude may also help us during this time, as well as any time we face circumstances we did not choose. This is a good opportunity to learn to be a thankful people rather than complaining. Being shut up inside a building is not what most of us would prefer, but we can practice the Apostle Paul's joyful attitude. The book of Philippians emphasizes joy, yet it was written from prison. Perhaps keeping a gratitude journal would be a good practice. Psalm 91 reminds us that we need not fear, no matter the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Knowing we are "abiding under the shadow of the Almighty" should allow us to face this crisis without fear. We are grateful for new opportunities some BI personnel have had to share Christ with friends and neighbors. But there are those among the BI family who are suffering. Those in some countries who have lost their jobs are wondering how they can feed their families. Would you join us in praying for them, please? Pray, too, that God will give BI’s director and administrative group wisdom as they seek to determine how best to carry on our Bible translation ministry in these days.


Pray for:

1. Alex W. meeting with the Rawang weekly via Skype. Pray for good internet connections and understanding.

2. Angam R. working with the Ranglong in Asia, July 6-10.

3. Lun H. working with the Ranglong in Asia, July 13-17.

4. Troy M. consulting with the Haitian Creole via Skype, July 13-24.

5. Anna Beth W. meeting with the Sara Kaba Deme in Chad, July 27-August 7.

6. Kim H. meeting with the Paite Chin (Asia) in August.

7. Lun H. working with the Simte in Asia, August 3-7 and 17-21.

8. Jonathan V. meeting with the Rathawi in Asia, August 10-21.

9. Angam R. having a session with the Inpui Naga in Asia, August 17 through September 4.

10. Anna Beth W. working with the Sara Madjingay in Chad, August 31 through September 11.

11. Lun H. working with the Simte in Asia, August 31-September 4 and 14-18.

12. Angam R. having a session with the Chiru in Asia, September 14-18.

13. Glenn K. meeting with the Luxembourgish on Thursdays via Skype. Pray for good internet connections and much to be accomplished.

14. Wisdom for Director Tim F. and the administrative group as they seek the Lord’s leading for direction regarding necessary changes in the future due to COVID-19.

15. Baptist Mid-Missions candidates, especially those planning to come to BI, as they look forward to future ministry.

16. The Pennington family and the Webbers as they seek to raise support in churches where schedules have been completely disrupted due to COVID-19.

17. Pastor Patrick Odle as he takes over responsibilities for the presidency of BMM.

18. Plans for the Consultant’s Seminar, August 4-11, and annual meeting and retreat for BI, scheduled for August 12-14.

19. Those in other countries who have lost jobs due to COVID-19. Ask the Lord to provide for their needs.

20. Joel and Sarah W. and their five children as they go on the road for furlough ministry. They will be in a travel trailer.

21. Families who are separated due to travel restrictions related to COVID-19.

22. The Rito and Dagba NTs that still have not made it across the CAR/Chad border.

23. Consultants-in-training that continue to work toward completion of requirements: Chris P. (Myanmar); Naocha S. (Asia); Isaiah & Rosanna P. (Peru); Jim W. (USA); Hadessah B. (Myanmar); Ryan P. (USA); Ron W. (USA); Dan & Laura G. (USA); Yoh S. (Guam - adjunct); and Daniel T. (Haiti - adjunct).

Praise God that:

24. Some donors have chosen to give their Economic Impact Payment to BI to be used for Bible translation.

25. None of BI’s people in the USA or overseas have contracted the COVID-19 virus.

26. Some workshops have been able to be carried on in person and by electronic means during the virus.

27. A new family is attending candidate classes to join BI this summer.

28. The Haitian Creole Genesis trial edition has been completed.

29. Sara Kaba Deme trial edition of Proverbs is complete.

30. Funding has been received for the Rito audio NT and the Sara Kaba Deme trial edition.

31. OT storybooks were finished for the Dagba, Day, and Rawang.