Pray For Us

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Please pray for our current highlighted needs, our quarterly requests in our Prayer Guide, and our language projects.

Prayer Highlights

October 8, 2021

1. Thank the Lord that Anna Beth W. has returned safely to her ministry in Chad.

2. Thank the Lord for an effective translator training workshop with the Tenek in Mexico. Both Cathy H. and Isaiah P. have returned safely to the USA.

3. Pray for retired BI missionaries, Richard and Nancy Teachout. They have lost a teenage grandson, who lived in South Africa where his parents ministered. Pray for comfort for the entire family.

4. Pray for the Harvest Dinner, which will be held at Calvary Baptist Church in Grand Rapids on October 14. Pray God will pour out His blessings on the event.

5. Pray for one of our BI missionaries who is now in hospice care. Ask the Lord to insure that her care is adequate as she awaits His call to take her home.

6. Continue to pray for the college age children of our missionaries. For one, it is his first year in a university.

7. Pray for a single daughter of one of our missionary couples. The daughter is in her first year of teaching at a Christian school far from her family. Pray for wisdom as she teaches and for protection.

8. Continue to pray for our friends/colleagues and other believers in Southeast Asia. Circumstances there are not improving. Their faith continues to be stretched as they battle COVID and political chaos. Pray that God will provide all that they need.

9. Pray for those raising support. Ryan and Amparo P. and their three boys have approximately 32% of their needed support. Ron and Terri W. have approximately 62%. Caleb and Rebekah W. and their three young children have approximately 38%. Pray, too, for Esdras B. as he begins this process while teaching at a university.

10. Thank the Lord that Chad has opened up to international travel. Joshua H. is there now conducting a workshop with the Day-speaking people. Literacy personnel will be going there next month, and Joe V. is traveling there at the end of October.

Prayer Guide

July - September 2021

Those Who Went Before Us

As Bibles International (BI) celebrates our fortieth anniversary, we would be remiss if we did not honor those who went before us. Without the all-important triumvirate of Paul Versluis, Fredric Carlson, and Henry Osborn, how might Bibles International have come into existence?
In 1980, then-president of Baptist Mid-Missions Dr. Allan Lewis, contacted Paul Versluis. Paul was a BMM missionary working as a church planter, a man with an entrepreneurial spirit, a large heart, and a vision to reach the world. Who better to catch the vision of the proposed Bible society BMM wished to birth? With wife Genella by his side, Paul launched this new ministry. It was started in their home in Grand Rapids.
Within a few years, Fred Carlson approached Paul about the Carlsons’ dream to become involved in a literacy and literature program for the mission fields of the world. Fred and his wife, Maxine, had served in the pastorate for many years. Paul was eager to have them join, but Fred and Maxine faced a daunting task. In midlife, they would have to leave a salaried position and raise their own support. But they trusted God and He did not fail them. In 1984, when BI was only three years old, Fred and Maxine joined Baptist Mid-Missions so that Fred might become the director of BI.
By this time, Paul was on the road much of the time, traveling to make people aware of Bibles International’s ministry and raising funds for the work. Having Fred and Maxine join them gave Paul more liberty to be out presenting BI. People groups around the world who had heard of this newly established Bible society contacted them, seeking help.
But who would oversee the Bible translation and literacy aspects of BI? Next quarter we will learn about the all-important work of Dr. Henry Osborn. He, too, went before us, showing us the way.


Project Requests

1. Anna Beth W. working with the Sara Madjingay in Chad, Oct. 25-Nov. 5.

2. Glenn K. conducting a workshop with the Sara Kaba Naa in Chad in October.

3. Angam R. meeting with the Chairo in Asia for a workshop in October.

4. Jonathan V. meeting with the Choros in Asia in October.

5. Angam R. and Naocha S. working with the Isotes in Asia in October.

6. Sana S. meeting with the Rhema in Asia in October.

7. Bethany B.and Lun H. conducting teacher training with the Sideros in October.

8. Bethany B. working online with the Teleo on linguistics and orthography
in October.

9. Lian K. meeting with the Bualkhaw Chin in Asia at least once or twice a month through December.

10. Joel W. meeting online with the Taisun in Asia in October.

11. Hung K. working with the Zomi in Asia in October.

12. Joshua H. meeting with the Ngam in Chad in October.

13. Hye Ree P. working with the Akha in Thailand October 18-29.

14. Ron W. working with the Dagaare in Ghana in November.

15. Susan H. conducting a workshop with the Dendi in Benin in November.

16. Glenn K., Ron W., Jim W., and Joshua H. conducting translator training and RRC training with the Waalii in Ghana in November.

17. Anna Beth W. meeting with the Sara Kaba Deme in Chad, November 29-December 10.

18. Troy M. working with the Haitian Creole in Haiti, November 29-December 10.

19. Kim H. conducting a workshop with the Patris in Asia in November and December.

20. Angam R. working with the Rhema in Asia in November.

21. Jonathan V. meeting with the Riza in Asia in November.

22. Lun H. working with the Sideros in Asia, November 1-5 and November 29-December 10.

23. Hye Ree P. working online with the Hakha Chin in Myanmar in November.

24. Joel W. working online with the Uppu Chin in Myanmar in November.

25. Joshua H. working with the Dendi in Benin in November and December.

26. Glenn K. and Jim W. meeting with the Ngam in Chad in December.

27. Glenn K. meeting with the Luxembourgish in Europe in December.

General Requests

28. Pray Rosanna P. will be able to obtain her permanent residency visa for Peru.

29. Pray for open doors for eight of our projects which have had no in-person or virtual workshops since the pandemic started.


30. Thank the Lord for the opportunity to host three Messianic Jews from Israel who have come to teach a Hebrew immersion class.

31. Thank the Lord for the blessed annual meeting and retreat at the Shack in August. God met with us and poured out His blessings on us.