Living Legacies

In Honor is a program to recognize a significant person, significant occasion or a significant gift. To honor a special person or occasion is to take the opportunity to display your high esteem and regard for that person. There are moments when no material gift suits what you are attempting to express. Giving in honor of that particular friend or event will provide others with the treasures of God's Word in their own language, which is priceless.

In Memory is a comforting means to keep alive the qualities that have characterized a cherished friend or family member. The hope, the courage, the faith that is in Jesus Christ that sustained your loved one came from the Bible, God's Word. Funding Bibles in memory of someone can give that same hope, courage, and faith to some who still live in hopelessness. Those who have been bereaved are encouraged to learn that the memory of their loved one has been honored by someone receiving God's living Word. Memorial gifts enable Bibles International to place the Scriptures in languages in which it has not been available.