Kabiyè New Testament

  • Location: Togo
  • New Testament Completion Date: 2011
The Kabiyè speakers number approximately 990,000. Around 40% of the population profess Christianity, 16.14% of whom claim to be evangelical. Only 5-25% of this group can read the Kabiyè language's written Latin script.
Bibles International became involved with the Kabiyè speakers when the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) Togo personnel asked for assistance in evaluating a recent Kabiyè New Testament translation. Unfortunately, the accuracy checks of 300 verses from the translation found more than half of the verses in need of some kind of repair. Following this meeting, the ABWE Togo Field Council decided to produce a new translation of the New Testament in Kabiyè, with Bibles International and Word Ministries (ABWE) partnering together to adopt and oversee the project.
The main translator Kossi Lomdoh and many other Kabiyè speakers persistently labored alongside visiting BI translation consultants for more than a decade, checking and refining the translation before completing and sending it to the printer in 2011. On January 30, 2012, several hundred attendees gathered in Kara to witness the dedication of the Kabiyè New Testament. The Kabiyè believers were thrilled by their ability to purchase their own copies of the New Testament, and over half of the 3,000 New Testaments printed have found their way into the hands of the people today. ABWE continues to assist this project with literacy consultation.

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