Uppu Chin New Testament & Literacy

  • Location: Myanmar
  • Target Completion Date: 2033

The Uppu Chin (formerly known as the Chin Pong and Chinbon Chin) number approximately 44,000, with 10% professing Christianity and 8% claiming to be evangelical.

The Revival Baptist Churches of Myanmar reached out to Bibles International in 2004, after making contact with Uppu Chin believers and discovering that these people desired the Bible in their language, but they possessed no written language. BI adopted the Uppu Chin project that same year and produced a literacy primer that the government accepted and began to implement in the lower schools. Hla Maung, the Uppu Chin literacy director, was instrumental in accomplishing this step in literacy advancement and even held classes to instruct teachers on how to teach the new written language. Because literacy development heavily depends on the availability of literature in the language, BI published a revised primer and Old Testament Storybook 1 in 2017, and work continues on Old Testament Storybook 2 at this time.

Bibles International adopted the Uppu Chin New Testament translation project in December 2016, with resident BI consultants working alongside Uppu Chin translators, as literacy training work also continues among the people.

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