Barb Perrine Retirement

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"Honor thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long" (Exodus 20:12a)…. How does the Lord expect us to demonstrate the honor spoken of in this verse? That honor may take various forms. For some, it may mean making life-changing decisions. This is the case for some of Bibles International's (BI) missionaries.

For Barb Perrine, It was the decision to obey this verse that first brought her to Bibles International 12 years ago, and then in August 2022 led to her retirement. After serving as a BMM missionary in Peru for 25 years, in 2010 Barb felt the need to provide care for her elderly, widowed mother. As she prayed for God’s direction, He led her back to Michigan and to the doorstep of Bibles International. Her 12 years as finance and operations manager were a great asset to BI, even as her relocation was a special blessing for her mom.

During recent months, Barb came to the decision that she needed to be available to her mother full-time, so it was time to retire from BI. On August 19, friends, family, and supporters of Barb gathered with BI personnel from the Grand Rapids office to honor Barb on her retirement from BI and BMM. We will sorely miss Barb and are currently seeking someone to take her place. Please pray that the Lord will provide a new finance and operations manager. And pray for Barb as she continues to serve the Lord by caring for her mother. Thank the Lord that she has been sensitive to His leading to honor her parents.