Carrying God's Word to the World

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Bethany Ingram grew up in a pastor’s home and trusted Christ as Savior following a Sunday school lesson she heard. As a young girl, she pitched in to help with the work of the church. During the past years, she has served in her home church in the youth ministry, AV ministries, and is currently serving as the director of Christian education.

When Bethany was twelve years old, a missionary visited their church. From that time forth, Bethany desired to serve the Lord through missions. While she was in high school, Bethany’s parents helped her analyze her spiritual gifts and talents. With her love of languages, culture, and grammar, she felt led to the ministry of Bible translation.

The Lord led Bethany to Grace College and Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Bible translation and a master’s in ministry studies. Later, she interned in a creative access nation.

Bethany looks forward to the day when she can carry God’s Word to the world, knowing that only 717 of the world’s 7,378 language groups have a complete Bible in their heart language. Pray as she begins raising support for this ministry with Bibles International.