Psalm 91:1 - A Message From 9/11

"No, the building is safe and secure, go back to your office." That was the advice of the security guard in the lobby of Tower Two on the morning of September 11, 2001, to Stanley Praimnath. He was a bank vice-president, and so he followed the advice of the guard and went back to his office on the 81st floor. Tower One had already been hit by a plane. According to Mark Ellis, founder of a Christian website, Praimnath’s phone rang as soon as he reached his office. While on the phone, he looked out his window to see United flight 175, at eye-level, heading in his direction. As the immense, gray plane came closer, Stanley, a believer, cried out in prayer, "Lord, I can’t do this – you take over."

He dove under his desk as the plane slammed into the building with such force as to demolish the entire floor. The wing of the plane sliced through Stanley’s office and its bottom lodged itself in the office doorway. The only thing that had not been destroyed was Stanley’s desk. His Bible lay just above him. The next hour would be a flurry of pain, prayer, the assistance of a "rescuer," and a bloody fight for his life. God had mercy on Stanley. He was the only survivor of the impact zone of the World Trade Center that dreadful morning. He would be dragged out of that building by God's gracious hand just prior to the tower collapsing into a giant tsunami of debris. He had survived.

Later, he searched for answers in the Scriptures to explain his survival.

Frantically, he turned the pages of his Bible as he thought of the date 9/11 until he paused at Psalm 91:1.

He read. "He that dwelleth in the secret place [shelter] of the Most High shall abide [rest] under the shadow of the Almighty." He had survived because of God's grace alone. As he dove under that desk, he "rested under the shadow" of his God and His Word. Truly his Savior had been a "protective shelter" for him. The Scriptures gave him hope and understanding of God's grace. "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God."

This is why BI works with national churches to assist them in the translation of the Scriptures. God's people need the Word of God in their mother tongue. This is the domain where Satan and his demonic realm tremble. Nothing threatens the wicked agenda of the Evil One more than the Bible in the hands of people. Man's struggle is not just for physical survival; it is indeed a spiritual battle. Souls are at stake. With relentless perseverance, we must labor together with tenacity and fervor until there is a reliable Bible translation in every language and a Bible in every hand. Our mandate is clear and it is God-ordained.

A few weeks ago, the primary translator of the Rhema Bible wrote a note saying, "After a long period of struggle, pain, discouragement, and frustration – it is just because of the Lord’s grace and mercy that I could complete the translation of the entire Rhema Old Testament today at 10:00 p.m. Tears of joy roll. Glory to God. Thank you all who have earnestly prayed for me." A spiritual warfare was won that evening. That battle was critical. It was as impacting as 9/11. May many souls "dwell in the secret place of the Most High" as a result of the translated Word of God. May the message of 9/11 change us all.