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BI's Tagalog Project

BI completed the Tagalog New Testament for the Philippines in 1998. People loved its literalness and how easy it was to understand, but from the beginning there were questions regarding its "naturalness". Nonetheless despite this issue, the need was such that the New Testaments sold out, and BI made plans to do a revision and to reprint it. In the meantime, a local printer obtained permission to print another edition of the original version. Those also sold out, and still the revision process lagged. Keeping committees formed, communicating effectively, delegating, and completing the work proved to be difficult.2014 Philippines 001 - Copy Even reaching a consensus on how extensively to revise was a challenge. People desperately wanted this revision, but many obstacles stood in the way. This was the situation facing the BI team who traveled to the Philippine this past June. With this history behind them, the team knew only God and a lot of prayer could move the project forward.


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